One Year Yesterday

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One Year Yesterday

A year ago yesterday, I became the guardian [for the second time], of my now 3 year old grandson Xander...

My daughter began her journey a year ago yesterday on the road to her and my recovery. She is still clean and sober, still goes to meetings and I am very proud of her....She is not the person I remember before the monster of addiction took over, but different is not less and she is so much more in many ways, including a good mom to Xander.

I myself had to examine my own behaviors and decided to enter recovery, I am going on 5 months...I was never a big drinker/user but had noticed in recent times that if I had one drink[usually a glass of wine], I would have 2-3 or the whole bottle...I am sure it had to do with stress relief but I chose not to explore the reasons and just accept the fact that It would probably be better if I didn't do it anymore.

March 8th is the second anniversary of my fiancee's death by overdose after being in a coma for a week...I will never forget the support and kindness I received from the people on this board...I really cannot remember much from that time..I do know that he is at peace now, this coming anniversary is bringing him up in my thoughts and I find myself talking to and about him often of late...Good man, Terrible addict...a monster..

My grandson and I are still together, he only sleeps here, his mom goes to work 5am so she just brings him here at bedtime, I take him to daycare, and she does the rest until bedtime..weekends she has far so good....

I am starting to feel like his grandmom vs his mom, I have the freedom to come and go at will. If I want to go out during the week, she puts him to bed here and stays the night...Im bored...I need a hobby...

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you..I do come in and read but don't usually post. I have sent some newbies here from another site...there are other sites but I find this one is more for the newcomer, welcoming, caring, sharing from the heart...Thank you ...Marian
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Marian, I'm glad you checked in and soo glad you and your daughter are both doing so well.
I know the next couple of weeks will be hard, but you have him in your heart and some of those memories are nice ones to take out and examine for a little while.
Enjoy being a grandma...that says a lot...being the grandma, not the mom.
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Sounds like you have a good plan and it is fun spending time with grandchildren. I'm thrilled your daughter is doing so well. I love reading recovery posts......Big hugs, Bonnie
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Marian, Thank you for posting your update. So happy to hear your daughter is clean and sober and back in her son's life. How brave of you to see that you had a problem and that you sought help for it. You have been through so much and a bit of peace is a good thing. Continued thoughts and prayers for the best for your family and you. Hugs, Marle
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