Legal Seperation

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Legal Seperation

Well I finally did it. This morning I found my husbands drug ***** buddy who I have a restraining order against sitting in my daughters school parking lot. I called the sheriff's out and went to file for legal seperation from him.

He went to his Christmas party last night and was suppose to be at work at 5 am. But instead he thought that I was gone to work but I stayed home a little later this morning. I don't know if he had planned on letting her into our home but, I didn't take a chance my childrens future is at stake. Maybe one day soon if he decides to straighten out his life. We can make it work. Until then my kids and I are most important.

FYI he came in smelling just like chemicals today. I'm quite sure its meth. He called and said that he didn't tell her to come around the corner but, what a coincedence. He said please BELIEVE me. I told him he was ful of !#$^ and today is the day that I claim my life back and stop being addicted to him. He kept saying...I"M NOT ON DRUGS!!!! Yeah right if your not on drugs why do you have to keep saying it!!!!!!!!
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From what you've said, you're doing the right thing in my opinion.

Meth is the devil and I'm sorry to see that you're going through hell.

I've seen it turn friends into different people, and never for the better.

Hang in there and gather whatever support you can, including here.
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Have you ever seen anyone recover from METH use.Sometimes the chemicals on his clothes are sooo strong!!
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there are several people, here, who have recovered from meth use. I'm a recovering crack addict. A cop, who eats in my restaurant, told me how blessed I am because "most people never get off that ****".

Recovery is possible as long as we're alive, but we have to really, really want it and work at it.

Hugs and prayers!

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Unhappy, one day soon you're going to change your name here because you are sooooo doing the right thing. It's one thing what adults do or tolerate, but when there are children involved someone has to speak for their safety too and you spoke loud and clear today.

Yes, people do recovery from meth, but their world before they recover is an ugly place to be. Some make it back, some never do, and it's just too hard to hold a front row seat to the drama.

Sending prayers for you and your children. This next while will be hard but in the end it's no harder than staying in hell with the addict and at least what you are going through now will get better with time.

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