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I too am sorry that you experienced this.

I lost my wedding ring, all " good" jewelry and just about everything else not nailed down to my daughter's addiction, last year.

I refused to give the situation any power over me. I made up my mind right then and there that it was just stuff and I disengaged from it.
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That is heartbreaking,I'm so sorry
you are dealing with this.
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I am so sorry, when my husband got into crack my best girlfriend told me to get anything I could out of the house that was worth anything. I didn't have alot of jewery either but what I had I cherished. I took her advice and put what I had in her safety deposit box....and I know there were times that my jewerly box had been gone through.

I only just yesterday took out a braclet after 5 years.

Again I am so sorry,

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Oh I'm so very sorry too! i have had this happen and sadly even with my teenagers, I decided to break down & buy a safe for my bedroom. I keep all my valuables there and when someone tries the combination and enters it incorrectly it alarms. Sad so sad....
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On a tear
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Oh Guinevere... how hard this is. I always looked at my children as such precious gifts... and like you, I have so little "real" jewelry, I sort of think of it as "precious", too. To have our children... those little souls we nurtured and loved and hugged and promised the world to... to have THEM steal from us hurts so much.

What I know today is that it wasn't my kids who did these things, but it was their addiction. The big book of AA calls the condition of alcoholism....Cunning, baffling and powerful.... so true. Beneath the addiction lives the person we love. They know what they have done and feel the pain of those actions, too. At some point, I pray your son can find recovery and make some amends... for his sake as well as yours.

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I am so sorry. We all need that reminder, my AS pawned my diamond ring among other precious items. My AS will sell anything for crack. Evertime we gave even the smallest amount of trust he would prove what a thief the drug had turned him in to.
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