The Joys of Meth Mouth

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The Joys of Meth Mouth

My RAH (clean over a year now) was heavy into meth. Now, his mouth is paying the price. He has a beautiful smile--straight and white--but a good number of his teeth are rotting from the inside out, in particular the back teeth, molars, etc.

The initial visit (x-rays, etc) cost almost 200$. The total will be around:

$3000 for 3 root canals
$3000 for 3 crowns
$450 to fill cavities
$250 to extract 3 teeth
$100 to fill in the front tooth (more cosmetic and just barely chipped, but still needs attention.)

So, folks, meth will cost us around $6800 in dental bills. I'm sure he's spent at least that much for the drug itself in his lifetime, but let me tell you, this is not fun. We'll pretty much do it one at a time. It will take a while (2-3 years is what we're estimating.)

He is in pain nightly from certain teeth. He takes tylenol and should have company stock in ambesol.

Just when you think you can poke your head in the clouds and enjoy the sun, you get smacked around by a guy in a white frock holding a nasty looking drill.

Moral: don't do meth. Ever.
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That's actually a fairly reasonable estimate; I know a few people who've enjoyed five-digit dental bills from their meth forays. It'll eat you inside out, for sure.
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I am such a dentist phobic that that alone could keep me drug free!!

remember those posters:
Your Brain on Drugs

this could be a new one:
Your Mouth on Meth
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ouch !!!!
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Wow - my niece has been doing meth for 4 years. It hasn't shown up in her teeth yet, but based on this, it may be lurking.

Not only that, have you seen the brain scans for people on meth. Do it long enough and your brain turns to swiss cheeze.

Thanks for the info...
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I'm lucky to still have my teeth. My molars are ground down to the gumline. I also had an impacted wisdom tooth I had to have removed about 2 months after I got out of rehab.
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Just remember....consequences such as this can serve as a firm reminder to the addict that they never want to return to using again.
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I have a Mercedes in my mouth and I have never done any kind of drugs. The costs are quite reasonable.
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