sister relapsed

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sister relapsed

My sister relapsed after more than 90 days. She's safe and with her sober bf. He called my parents and told them. My sister had left for a few hours without the bf and when she came back, broke down and told him. She had stopped taking her anti-depressants for over a week, not sure why, but evidently the stress of something triggered the relapse. She had resources to use and a plan when she needed it, but for some reason made a different choice.

My family is handling this as best as they can. I'm not judging any of them.
Thoughts and prayers for all those affected tonight.

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My prayers are with your family and that your sister jumps right back onto the wagon.
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Can I push her onto it and buckle her in?
Wish it were that simple. Thanks!
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Things would be so much easier if we could tell someone what they need to do and they follow through. Unfortunately, it's not that easy.

As a recovering addict/alcoholic, I know when I kept relapsing, it hurt when I got nothing but anger from my family. That lead me to believe even more strongly that I was the complete failue I always thought I was. I'm not saying that you shouldn't share your disappointment (that she relapsed) but make sure you let her know that you do love her. Us addict/alcoholics have the lowest self esteem known to mankind.

I'll keep your Sis in my Prayers. I lost my only Sister to this disease back in '91. I don't wish that heartache on anyone.

God Bless,
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I just don't understand why she wouldn't have used the tools she had in place. She had such intensive inpatient help and prevention for possible relaspse. Only she knows why, but then again, maybe not.

I do love her and hope to see her soon to tell her in person.
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Ahh girl, I'm so sorry..
That is a good sign she came clean about the relapse though..
When I go off my anti's, I end up craving meth pretty bad.
It's a weird thing to happen. Hopefully this will be her
learning lesson....
Hug to you both!!:ghug2
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relapse is unfortunately, usually (though not always) a part of the process. I had many, many, many relapses and many many years of continuous recovery in between them, too. Everybody is different. The good thing is she told on herself, and is in a safe place. Now its up to her. Since my AD never had any time clean so far, I can't even imagine the fear and pain I would experience if she had been clean and then relapsed. Prayers for her and for you....
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Hugs and prayers to you and your family.

I think it's great that she told on herself. That, in itself, is a major thing when you're an addict....we'd rather downplay the truth or flat out lie.

I hope she gets back on the road to recovery. I slipped, got back up, slipped again several times. Then I relapsed and within one week, was further down than I ever had been. That's when it finally sunk in....I can't control or moderate my use...I just can't use. period.

Despite knowing better, I think that at 90 days I was still thinking I could use again at some point in the future and not go overboard. This was after proving to myself that I COULDN'T. It takes a while for us to accept that we are powerless over the drugs. Knowing it my head was one thing, accepting it was much, much harder.

Hugs and prayers!

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Sending prayers she get back on track soon.
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I know it hurts but sometimes for some unknown reason it is all a part of the whole process. The good thing is, she went to the bf and told on her self. I remember when my daughter relapsed and she came to me and told me. I told her I was disappointed but was glad that she came to me. She got right back on the recovery horse. I'm sure your sister will get back on track. Don't turn your back on her......I never did. She feels really bad about herself right now. Encourage her and let her know that you are there if she needs someone to talk to.

My best to you and your sister..............Lo
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Sorry to hear your news. I always remind myself of this "Humans dont come with instructions" Its something we have to figure out ourselves.
Good Luck JJ
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