6:30 A.M. and a knock on the door.....

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6:30 A.M. and a knock on the door.....

and who is standing on the other side but Megan. I really don't yet know why except it was nice to see her. Her abf's brother had an early appt at the hospital for his neck (he broke it last year in a car accident) and Megan came along to see me. I gave her the rehab numbers and she cried and said she wished she could have stayed longer. I had to work and so 45 minutes was enough for me. A year ago, two years ago I would have been so caught up in whether she goes to rehab or not and would be so relieved if she went. Now I just hope that she chooses a life over what she is doing now, but I know that rehab is just the start on a difficult road to recovery. And I know whatever happens I will still sleep well at night and still find a way to be happy during the day. My life is no longer dependent on what she does or does not do. Hugs, Marle
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More prayers being said for her and for your continued serenity!
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I'm so glad that you got to see your daughter and hug her. Your growth in recovery sounds amazing and I'm happy for your serenity.
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Bless your heart, Marle. I want that kind of strength, serenity, and faith. Thanks for being a good example to me.
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You are soooo strong in your recovery, and just maybe by your example,
Megan is starting to realize that there is more to life than drugs.

If it is her time, then she will make the decision for detox and rehab.
I will say extra prayers for her tonight, you'll get some too and a big mom hug for you!
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Marle, what a wonderfully clear mirror you are for your daughter....prayers for you and her continue...hugs, grateful
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You demonstrate " detach with love " That we all strive for.

How did your daughter look ? How old is Megan ?
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She looked wonderful because she is alive and I have come to the point where I no longer look at only the outside. I know that there is more to her than her appearance. That is a big one for me as I have always been hung up on her beauty. I could definitely see that she is struggling. She will be 22 on May 16. She is still my sweet baby. Hugs, Marle
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(((((Marle))))) There is such a special place in my heart for Megan. She's 3 days younger than my Kristen very hard to have to go through the "normal" angst of maturing and deal with addiction and mental health issues. She's got my prayers daily, always.
What is always clear to me is how much Megan loves you and you love her. You are such a strong woman and terrific mom...Thanks for all the light you share here; you are an inspiration.
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Marle, you always set such a good example for us to follow. I just hope that when/if my daughter shows up, I will have the courage to follow your example.
Praying that Megan keeps moving in the direction of recovery.
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You are an example of when I wish for a Mom, what I'd wish for.

Your strength, courage and great parenting shine to blinding! Thank you for sharing and I will pray that you will both be happy!
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Praying for you both.
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You're obviously a very strong woman. Keep doing what you're doing. It's working.
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You're daughter remains in my prayers. I think she'll be okay, stopping to see you is a way of reaching out too.

It's nice she stopped to see you, and you handle detachment with love so very well.

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they always tell us in meetings to look for someone that has what you want and then to stick close to them. Honey, I'm tucked right up there beside you. What a pleasant surprise to find her at your door. It sounds like she senses the changes in you. I know how much you love her and I've watched you grow in your recovery. It inspires me. Keep us posted -
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You continue to be an inspiration! I'm glad she came by. I think she is really dealing w/ things in her way!
prayers for you both, w/ love
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What a nice surprise. It is always the best when you least expect that they are trying.
Sounds like she misses you and wants to make you happy.

You are such an inspiration to me. I Hope I can have the stength that you have someday. I don't know Marle, you are a tough act to follow.

Hugs and blessings on you and Megan............Lo
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What a wonderful sharing of strength.
When parents are so caught up in their childs addiction, it is SO difficult to explain how to detach and still feel such warmth, and love.

You're a shining example of working a program.

Hugs to you, I so hope she finds her way.
I think she will, her door to recovery is beginning to open.
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My continued prayers for Megan

Thank you so much for sharing your ESH

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Saying prayers for Megan that she follows through.
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