6:30 A.M. and a knock on the door.....

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She still wants sobriety - that is key.

Your recovery is incredible, and I join others in admiration of your strength and commitment to your daughter.... and to your SELF!

You are a wonderful example to her... and to us. Thank you for your post. Please know your daughter, Megan, is in my prayers. (((hugs)))
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Megan has been keeping in touch and she has called several rehabs and has decided to go back to the one she was at before. They have suboxone treatment and will help her find a halfway house when she is ready. I believe that she really wants to change her life but it is so scary because she will have to start from square one and change everything. Some ambivalence there. I can feel that but she does sound different this time. I will continue with my prayers and staying out of her way. Keep the duct tape handy Hugs, Marle
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I have plenty of duct tape!!!!!!
I am praying that this time she really wants it, and is able to control the demons that that haunt so many addicts!
Sending prayers for you also Marle! You are one strong Mom!! Happy Mother's Day a little early!
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I know there is some discussion about suboxone, but I have to say that for Jen it gave her the start that she needed to get her life back on track. She took it as prescribed and she did have some side effects. She was very sick in the stomach for quite some time. She did lose some weight. After that she did very well on it. She gradually got off of it and now she doesn't take it anymore. For her it was a lifesaver.

I wish Megan the best. It sounds like she is heading down the right path.

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Oh Marle, I just got done reading your post & had to write. I was really happy to read Megan came to you for information. That is a good step in the right direction. That she called some of them is even better. You & I both know rehab is just a small step in recovery when dealing with serious addiction BUT it sure is a start. I hope & pray she takes the next step & goes in. Hang tough sound teriffic, I will keep you all in my prayers,
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More prayers that she rides into rehab on the wings of her guardian angels
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