Back Again

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Back Again

Hi all.

I havnt been on SR for about 1 year. I just got so caught up in life that I didnt post, but ive been lurking. My brother is a tik (meth) addict. And hes been on drugs since 13, tik since 15. He is now 20.

Today this post isnt going to go into gory details about what happened in the past year, and im not haarping on the bad anymore, im trying a new outlook.

So, like all of you know, addicts steal, lie, are very aggresive (well, my brother is) and basically thats been my life for the last year. Just about 2 weeks ago, he stole something very precious of mine. But last Sunday (April 27) at 5:10, my brothers son was born. Weighing 3.4kg.

Throughout my brothers girlfriends pregnancy, my family was hoping we would see a change in him, and we didnt. He carried on the same way he always was. But its been so amazing in this last week, seeing him hold his baby, that we have noticed a slight change in him. And I may be speaking to soon, but im just really happy.

After his baby was born, he has really been trying. He has actually gone out and applied for jobs. When he has lied to us, he came back a few minutes later to say he was sorry and admit that he lied. He says he is trying to change and that lying comes so naturally to him. That to me is amazing. He's admitted to stealing things recently, and has been amazing with me and my family. Totally trying to avoid conflict.

There are problems between my family and his girlfriends family, and those definitly need to be sorted out. But I told him that it doenst matter, that all I care about is his son and that I love my nephew very much...and he started crying! I couldnt beleive it. So, like I said, I may be speaking waaay to soon, but at the moment all I can think about is my nephew. When I held him in my arms I literally felt love for him pierce my heart...its an amazing feeling. Hes so tiny and gorgeous! And im hoping this change in my brother lasts, I hope his son changes something in him, the way it changed his mom (who was also a meth addict...who is now 100% clean and says her addiction is her baby). So im giong to keep on praying for him, his son, and that my family will start to heal. leaving for the UK on Monday!! I just turned 18 and my parents are sooo worried, but I really need to get away a bit and get on with my life. I know im just going to miss my family and the lastest addition.
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Welcome back, I'm more of a newbie, but just wanted to say hi and congrats on the birth of your nephew. I wish you and your family the best during this time of change for your brother. Just wanted to also say, good for you for taking such a big step moving away. My son, who is 20, moved away to San Diego about 1 1/2 years ago. It was so hard to let him go, but I know that it is what he really wanted and I am proud that he has been taking care of himself--being responsible. Good luck to you on your journey.
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Congratulations on the birth of your nephew. I do hope it helps your brother want to seek recovery for himself. As much as you will miss your family and the little guy, going to the UK sounds like a wonderful opportunity and a chance to really focus on your own life. Wishing you all the best and a safe journey.
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First off Congratulations to you & your family on the happy addition.
I agree babies are a real blessing from God & if anything can reach your brother maybe his son can. I know my own son matured alot after the birth of his 2 sons & even more so since he is a single dad. My other son unfortunately though he loves his sons very much could not change for them. He has lost them & another man has adopted them. It broke my heart but at the time it was for the best.
All you can do is pray for the best.
Enjoy your nephew,
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