OT Prayers for my husband

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Awwwww, maaaannnnnnn!
I'm sorry, sweetie. I hope everything works
out for him. It's probably like Ann said...
HP has something better planned for'em.

Praying for you both, my friend.
Love ya,
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He sure was sore this morning and a little pouty too. I had to tell him that what happened yesterday was not bad luck. It was an accident and it could have been much worse. If he had hit the step a little further up his back, he could have died or been paralyzed. I also told him that sometimes we need a reminder that we have to be grateful when we do have good health. And then I went to work Hugs, Marle
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Marle -

you're absolutely right about that. One misstep and he could have been wishing that this is all that had happened. Hope that he starts feeling better soon!
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I'm glad you reminded him of how much worse it could have been. Dad gets on his pity-pot every now and then, when he's not getting enough jobs, so I told him about your husband and reminded him that HE is healthy and might want to be grateful for that?!

Dad actually has his CDL and has been trying to sell his 22-foot truck for 2 years. Gas costs were killing him, so he got a Sprinter van that he can still put a lot of stuff in, but gets better gas mileage.

I know that there is a severe shortage of CDL truck drivers, so I'm still thinking HP has a reason for this all happening. If nothing else, maybe to remind us ALL that being healthy is not something to take for granted?

Hugs and prayers!

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Prayers for you and your hubby Marle.

My new Mantra is "It'll all be okay, it'll all be okay......"

Hugs to you...
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(((((((((((Marle & Mr. Marle))))))))))))))))))))

Good attitude you have there, Marle. Will pray that hubby will be just fine and on the job soon.

Hangin' In
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Gosh I am sorry for the set back. My prayers for good things to happen are going out. Don't forget to take good care of yourself dear one!!
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Sorry I missed this yesterday. I'm so sorry to hear about Mr. Marle's accident. You know we have to think that things happen for a reason. Maybe there is a better plan for him. I think there is a reason that this is being delayed.

Prayers that he mends quickly and that he is guided in the direction that he needs to go.

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Dear Marle, I am so sorry to hear about your hubby's fall. I will pray he has a speedy recovery & finds an even better job for him than the one he was due to start Monday. I
also cannot help but think his HP will make lemonade out of lemons...................

Love & Hugh Hugs,
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(((Marle))) (((((((((Mr Marle))))))))

Ouch....I'm so sorry your hubby had such a bad fall. I'll be praying for him to get well soon and that the job situation works out for the best.
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