OT Prayers for my husband

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OT Prayers for my husband

My husband has been layed off since last August. He recently started semi-truck driving school. He was to take the final test on Friday. Today when he was getting out of the truck he slipped on something and fell, hitting squarely on his back. He did not go to the emergency room right away, instead he filled out an accident report and finished his paperwork and then came home. I told him to go get himself checked out. He just called and said that the doctor thinks he has a compression fracture and possibly bruised lungs. If he has blood in his lungs, then he will have to stay the night. I feel so badly for him. He was looking forward to passing his driving test and finally getting a job. (He had one promised to him that he could start next Monday.) So I would appreciate your prayers that everything will be okay. Thanks, Marle
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You got them. Prayers and wishes for speedy healing.
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I will keep him in my thoughts I hope everything turns out ok for him!!
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oh crap, you got my prayers
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Saying big prayers for you both, Marle!
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(((marle and mr marle)))
Prayers headed your way. He must be so disappointed, so many people seem to be having a tough time getting work in this economy.
You know what marle? I worked a long, tedious day today, about 12 hours plus, and I figured out it wasn't even enough to pay my lawyer for an hour. Just gotta love retail!
I wish you both the best, hopefully his lungs are just fine.
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Sending major hugs and prayers to you and your hubby. Please keep us posted.

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Broken ribs and a compression fracture of a vertebrae in his back. No bending, no lifting for 7 weeks. I guess this is just not our year Thanks for the prayers. Hugs, Marle
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Been there... Done that...

I know how that feels to be close to getting a new job and have something physical happen to delay it. Hopefully, he won't. I am praying for your spouse.
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Maybe if he explains what happened they will hold him a job?

And if not, maybe his HP has something else in mind for him.

I'm praying anyway, Marle, that something very good and special comes your way.

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You know Ann, I am thinking the same thing. If he had taken the truck driving job, it would have meant going on the road, not something that I really wanted for him. This way he can stay on unemployment since he still has 8 more weeks. Maybe find something better during that time. He says that he is still taking the test Friday Hugs, Marle
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Sounds like he still has a positive attitude, Marle. That's wonderful! I hope you both find the path that is meant for you
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They are on their way for both of you.....He is so close to getting his license, I am praying this will just be a minor setback and he will soon be back on track. (((hugs)))
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Ohh the poor guy. I sure will send prayers.
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Best wishes for a speedy recovery for hubby

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Ouch! Prayers for a speedy recovery!
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Still sending you and hubby hugs and prayers. I hate it for him....he's got some really painful injuries.

I'm glad he still has 8 weeks of unemployment and I feel sure that something good will come from all of this.

Hugs and prayers!

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When it rains, it pours....

I am so sorry for this recent setback. Sending warm wishes to your husband for a speedy recovery.
And for you, I am sending patience.... cuz we know how men can be when they are ill

Just remember, when a door closes, a window opens....

Take care,
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Sorry to hear this (((marle)))

Positive thoughts and prayers going out for your hubby
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I am so sorry to hear about this. It has been a tough year for you guys and I am praying that things will take a swing in a better direction soon. It's times like this that I remind myself that HP might be taking care of me even when it looks like he's not....I remind myself that maybe I'm being protected from something even worse from happening - something that I couldn't/wouldn't recover from. With all of that said - it doesn't keep me from getting my bottom lip sticking out far enough for fireflies to land on.

Hope that he heals quickly. I can only imagine how sore he must be feeling.

Lots of love - Donna
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