Hi All-update

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Hi All-update

haven't been around as much as I should be. I lurk sometimes and sometimes I sign in but don't post. I have read and kept up though.

I've been so busy as one of the girls in the office is out on maternity leave and I've taken her work load.

Just wanted to update. RAH is still clean and doing great. I still get a nervous stomach every once in a while when I am left alone to wander around in my head but a phone call to someone who's been there always helps.

I've been doing great for myself. I've begun to not only mentally work on me but I've started to physically work on me and I find that (as much as I was told here and didn't listen) that really doing things for ME and only ME every once in a while really makes a difference in my mental outlook.

I've lost 21 lbs since Jan., got a ways to go but I am working on it slowly but surely. I'm trying to be healthy, eat right and exercise, not only for the physical benefits but for the mental and emotional.

I guess I wanted to write to the newbies that it is OKAY for us to do things for ourselves. I see myself the way I used to be in so many of the newbies on the board. I was actually SCARED to do things for myself because it might make _____(insert name and relationship here) unhappy or feel left out. I knew I'd feel the guilt associated with it.

Something strange that I used to do that seemed so insignificant at the time but now I recognize as behavior that is unhealthy. I would go through a store and pick up things that I wanted and could afford but the guilt would overwhelm me as I finished shopping so that I would put things back before I got to the checkout register. I still find myself going there sometimes but I work through it.

Well, I'm overloaded at work right now so I'll keep this short. Have a great day!:ghug3
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Thanks for the update! Glad you are doing well, congrats on the weight loss! Keep it up!!
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Howdy Hi Halllooooooo!!!

Sounds like you are doing great and it's wonderful to hear from you.

Keep on doing good things for yourself, you are sooooo worth it. are inspiring me to get moving on my spring diet. 21 pounds is amazing, good for you.

Don't be a stranger, we love hearing from old friends.

Hugs 8
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So great to hear from you ! 21 pounds !! You rock !!!
I'm glad things are going so well for you...
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So glad to hear from you and thrilled that things are going so well for both of you. I am particularly happy to hear that you are repeating the rewards of being kind to yourself. I relate to what you said about the feelings of guilt etc. It took me awhile to understand the difference between selfish and self care.
Wow congrats on the weight loss...that's terrific!

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thanks for the update. i love to hear the good stories. keep on taking care of you. you are doing so good.
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Thanks guys! 21 pounds IS great and I am amazed that I got there. Its so much easier to put on than it is to take off (and so much more fun)....LOL...

I hope to be around more and to contribute more. Hopefully after the co-worker gets back from her maternity leave I can be on here more.
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