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Daniel's Post

I'm not a fan of the 12 Step Method. I prefer Rational Recovery, another road of sobriety. Those who are deeply involved only in one type of recovery, tend to belittle what else is out there. There are other ways of quitting than 12-step. While I'm all in favour of anything that will help, we don't have any real figures telling us exactly what the success rate of 12-step Alcohol Programs really is.
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DanielThree, how about another thread then by you for Rational Recovery - one way or another, it seems like we're just helping each other help ourselves, at least that's the message I get - with the tools we have - there's no reason why instead of stomping on this one you couldn't just start another and we could all benefit from both or all!
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Recovery groups are strongly pro-addiction, and the auxiliary family recovery groups are anti-family. The recovery group is his new family, and he is told you will never really understand him because heís an alcoholic/addict. How nice.
Trust your intuitions! Addiction is just as ugly as it appears.
There is no treatment for the pretend disease of addiction;
only pretend treatments and fellowships of addiction.

However, any moron can not do something.
Although no one ever gets better in recovery groups,
people quit drinking/using all the time.
You probably know someone who has,
maybe even in your own family or neighborhood.

As long as people think addiction is or is caused by a disease,
they canít do anything about it but seek worthless help.
These are quotes from Jack Trimpy's site and one of the reasons that Rational Recovery is one of the few "programs" that is not welcome here. They don't believe in 12 step programs even though millions have found sobriety there.

They don't believe in "codependency" but would most certainly like to control how we think. Oh yeah, they'd like to charge us money for all this too.

We don't DO control on this site. So Daniel, if Rational Recovery is your program of choice, please go to their site and play there.
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