Mean Mom Sells Car !!

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Sometimes that's exactly what it takes to teach people lessons. I'm that lunatic at times. I had a girlfriend that every time we would go out would always offer to drive then drink WAY too much and want to drive home. 3 strikes in this... #1 when this all started she was underage and #2 she was dating a COP at the time. Third strike was that she would get nasty. Well one night I had enough. I always play the sober sister which 9 times out of 10 I don't mind being I am not a big drinker, but this time she really got under my skin. So we are getting ready to leave the club and needless to say she drank too much once again. So I asked for her keys to "get my cigarettes" as we were waiting for everyone else. (there was no way if I just asked for the keys that she was gonna hand them over). It's a easy lure being she smokes like a chimney when she's been drinking. 20 minutes later she calls my cellphone asking where I am. I say I'm in the car. She tells me she's coming. Well when she got to her car she had quite the suprise. Yes, I was there, but I had locked myself and the keys INSIDE the car. I refused to leave until she would let me drive. She screamed and made a scene and threatened to call the police. Yea, try that! What are you going to say? I'm sh*tfaced and my friend has locked herself in my car to prevent me from drinking and driving but I want her arrested for locking herself in my car.

Short story long she called her cop BF who thanked me and took her home. It took her 2 weeks to talk to me again and a year before she thanked me for what I did.

See crazy does work!
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Yes, I read the story about the mean mom too and I thought it was awesome as well, but never thought of posting it here.
Did anyone read the story about the guys who were trying to take a dead guy to cash his disability check? It happened in New York. I guess they had a long history of drug abuse and when the store owner insisted on the check recipient to be present..well, they just dressed him up and wheeled him in a office chair through the city to this store. I thought it was really sad but also a sad statement of how absolutely screwed up their thinking had become.
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