8 months

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Smile 8 months

Just wanted to share my RAD celebrated 8 months clean & sober yesterday. Whhaaa hoooo!. She is doing awesome. I also have some wonderful grand baby pictures too, but I spent 2 hours Christmas night messing with my non co operative scanner. Then another hour yesterday untill I think I have officially done some real damage to my computer. Whoops. So I hope to share a couple pics soon.
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Great news. So glad that your daughter is continuing on her recovery journey and so glad that you shared the news with us. Can't wait for the pics. Hugs, Marle
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That is awesome. You deserve these blessings. You really are on cloud 9.
Thank you for sharing good news.
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Great news!!!!!
I know what you mean about pictures and computers! One day I will master it; then they will change everything!
Give your daughter and yourself a big hug!!!!
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Isn't it wonderful!! Hoorah!
One day at a time has added up to 8 months!
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Glad to hear she is doing well on "recovery road".

I know what you mean about the pictures...I just got a digital camera for Christmas, finally got the pics on the computer, but haven't even tried to download/upload (whatever it is you do) the pics on here.

Hugs and prayers!

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I LOVE good news!

Good for her!
(good for you2!)

(visualize a cheerleader...HERE)
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Thanks for sharing the great news of recovery. I know how you feel. My daughter is coming up on 6 months clean. It sure does feel good. I'm so happy for you and your daughter.

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So happy for the both of you!!! Can't wait to see pictures of that cutie pie too Hugs, hugs and more hugs!!
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Wonderful news!!

congrats to all on the recovery time
(any details on the wedding plans??)
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that's sooo great to gives me hope that one day i can say the same!!! yeahhh for you both!
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Thank you for your well wishes. It's hard to believe that last year she was shooting herion. Just little details here & there for the wedding. It will be in the summer of 09. they really want a low key outside wedding. I think they might be toying with the idea of a destination wedding. Gulp. But they know how much $$ they get from us. So anything too extravagent comes from their pockets.
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8 months, that is great. i know you are proud of her & she is proud of herself. prayers for the two of you.
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Yay! That is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully your computer and scanner will start cooperating with you!
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Thanks for the good news! Congrat's to RAD!!!!
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