feeling emotionally drained

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feeling emotionally drained

I am having a very bad day! My x who sleeps on the couch did not come home again last night. that is 3 nights in the last 7. He is driving me nuts. I do not let it stop me from sleeping, going to work, smiling at everyone. I have been emotionally detaching for months. However, I am so tired of the "I am so sorry's. I am the ONLY women he ever loved, he can't believe he's lost me. He doesn't blame me, He knows we have no chance. He doesn't know what to do, why he's like this"...AARRGGG!!!!! As much as I know he must go, it is hard to not worry about him. I have cried 4 times at work, PMSing probobly not helping, lol. I know I can't help him. I guess I am going to have to get mean, and just cut off all communication. Oh, he agreed to leave today and go to a hotel. I hope for good, but I doubt it. He's having a pity party for himself today and has invited me. I do not want to attend. I am thining more and more that I will have to put thehouse on the market to get rid of him. Thanks for the vent! i needed it!
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i am sorry you are going thru this. set your boundries & what ever they are stick to them. you addict is going to be in your house untill you make him leave.they use people.he may leave long enough to go on a few days run but he will be back with the same excuses. he is not your responsibily. you are the only person u are responsible for. it is up to you how long he will be there. it is your house if you do not want him there. there are other places for him to go. maybe a homeless shelter,salvation army, his parents,anywhere but with you if he does not want to stop using & if he does there is a rehab.prayers for u both,
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I am sorry you are having a bad day. Sometimes our addicts just wear us out. I am glad you are not going to his pity party with him. I know how hard it is putting on that smiling face at work . . .
Do what you need to do for yourself. I hope your tomorrow is better than today.
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I know how you feel. I was in the same place and so I sent my husband 500 miles away to his sisters. I do worry alot, but only when I dont hear from him, and thats not alot, after the first 3 weeks came many many calls, I take some, I miss some, but I dont attend his pity parties, I process teh info and go on but theres no more resentments and I sleep alot better not wondering if hes going to come in
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Thank you for your thoughts! Nice to know I am not alone!
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i'm new to being here and can't offer any words of wisdom... but i wanted to let you know that I read this and that i'm thinking of you... all these stories from everyone ... i can so relate.
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