Tomorrow is the big day:)

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I'm glad your visit went well. Love you, Marle! You and Megan are in my prayers...:praying
Lots of love to you...
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The relationship you have with Megan's will always change probably in ways you can't imagine today. The relationship I have with my alkie son is beyond what I could have imagined 3 mos. ago. Now I know not to worry about any given stage as things do change for the good not just the bad. She loves you and as she ages will find different ways to demonstrate that. Hopefully, the bridge is there to keep contact on a regular basis now. I am happy for you that you had a visit.
Unlike my son,I have always been a high achieving accomplished person. But I remind myself that when I was in my 20s + 30s I was very busy and self-absorbed with my own life, loves, child, career, etc.
I didn't have a whole lot of time for my mom. Now I have constant contact. I know that the relationship with my son will evolve too.
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Hugs to you, glad it went well....
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Glad it went well. I was thinking of you and praying it went okay.2
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i am glad evrything went good.hugs,
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So glad she is ok and the door is opening.
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Sounds like things went pretty well today. This will give her something to think about.

Blessings to both of you.......Lo
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It sounds like things went well. I'm so happy you got to see her.
I'm not surprised that you remained calm. You probably were in the "calm" mind set before you saw her. I'm proud of both you amd Megan.
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Oh marle, I know how much this means to you.
Things will go just fine. Give here a giant hug and enjoy the day!
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Hi Marle

Sorry I'm late reading about your meeting with your daughter, but was happy to see you met and all went well.

Let's hope from this time forward each meeting will be better and better.

Hugs, Devastated
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I'm glad it went well, too. I think when we reach a point of acceptance it becomes easier.

She remains in my prayers, that better times are ahead for her.

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Got on a bit late here.. So glad it went well.

Praying for her and for you.
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I started thinking today that I have to be very careful to not let pity rule my thinking about my daughter. So I went back and read some pages in my recovery books. And once again I realized that this is her life to live, her problems to fix and I will continue with hands off the addict. When she is willing to help herself, then I will offer support. Until then, an occasional meeting or phone conversation is about all I can handle. I like my unchaotic, calm, peaceful lifestyle that I have worked hard to get too much to enter back into the daily Jerry Springer life of my daughter again (But it did feel good to hug her and tell her I love her in person, and with no expectations other than what it was.) Hugs, Marle
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I am certain that hug meant alot to her also. Like the book title, "just love her". You do and she knows it!
prayers for Megan,
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I'm late on this one. I started a full time job last week, and can't seem to get here enough. Anyway, glad to here your meeting went well. Thinking of you.
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Have a wonderful day with your daughter and don't think about anything except being with her. Praying for you both!!

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I have been waiting to hear how it went like a person waiting for part 2 of a movie.
I knew it would go well for you because you're so smart !!! lol I'm very happy for you.
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