Tomorrow is the big day:)

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Tomorrow is the big day:)

Meeting my daughter tomorrow. I picked out a few of the clothes that she has here. She was always into the name brands (mostly paid for by me) so I made sure that I took the older clothes. Also went to the drugstore and picked up a few necessities like razors, toothbrush, shampoo. I took the stickers off them so that she could not return them. I don't know if she would trade clothes or toiletries for drugs, but I guess addiction makes me view things with a jaded eye. Hopefully everything will go okay. She says that she is excited and nervous. Not as much as me. At least she knows when she sees me that she is not in for any surprises. I hope I can say the same but I am a little unnerved at what I might see. Keep me in your prayers. This is going to be hard. Hugs, Marle

P.S. Our new smilie will be burned into my brain. :codiepolice
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I pray things will go well between the two of you. I bet you have a good time just seeing her again, no matter what! It sounds like she is making more attempts to contact you (with no strings) and that is good! I will send a prayer up in the morning also for you and Megan. I'm sure things will go smoothly; but just in case have the spare duct tape in your purse! lol
I'm sure you will handle things perfectly! Just enjoy seeing her again and give her a hug from all of us codies on SR
Love ya
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Hope all goes well tomorrow. just love her and the day for what it is, a gift. I think what you are bringing her sounds okay. I am glad you get to see her and have that personal contact I know from your posts that it has been a long time. I am sure you have grown much since the last time. May your HP be walking with you both tomorrow. You will both be in my prayers. Please give us an update on how it went. The Codie in all of us care deeply and so want only the best.:praying
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Marle, I am excited for you and Megan. Take a deep breath and go with confidence.
Remember we all have your back. :praying

Love and hugs............Lo
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I will be thinking of you and sending mom (((hugs)))
I will keep you in my prayers

I hope you have a nice visit
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Prayers that everything is just as it should be. Try really hard to have no expectations, and to just let your time together be what it is.

BIG hugs from mom to mom,
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My prayers too, Marle, that your meeting with your daughter goes well.

As others said, expect nothing and enjoy the gift.

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My prayers to you and your daughter. God Bless you both.

With an attitude of gratitude, everything will be alright.

Keep your expectations in check, because expectations are premeditated resentments.

With our recovery as our lifeline, we don't have the luxury to hold on to resentments.
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Prayers and Hugs to you and your daughter.

Enjoy the time together-it is a beginning!!!!!
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Hope things turn out good for you.
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Think8ing of you today Marle.
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You and Megan are in my thoughts and prayers today Marle. You have spoken to her and know she is anticipating today as well.

I hope what you see will be what is in her heart...buried deep under the addiction, but still struggling to be recognized...And that is, regardless of her physical appearance, her goodness and her total love for you. Hugs
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today is the day.i really hope it goes well. let us hear from you when you get home. hugs & prayers,
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Thinking of you, and sending you lots of love and hugs!!
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Thinking of you and Megan. Let us know as soon as you can.
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Hi Marle -

A little late reading this post but hope everything went okay. You and Megan are always in my prayers. Please let us know how it went.

Hugs and prayers!

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Everything was okay. Had a nice visit and she bought lunch. They have moved once again into a small motel in another city. She says that she knows no matter how much money Steve makes it will never be enough. I tried really hard to look at the good in her. And realized that she is a raging codie. Spent her growing up years trying to make me happy (and sometimes it was never enough), now spending her days trying to make him happy (an impossible job). I think that we will meet again. Hugs and thanks to you all. I felt surprisingly calm when I was with her. Marle
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i'm glad it went well, marle. nice is good. hugs, k
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Just wanted to say....I love you my friend!!!
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