The "Rockin C" Codie Ranch is mine!!!!

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Good for you!!!! What a blessing!! I was in Tennessee a couple of times, and it's gorgeous. Enjoy, and saddle a horse for me!
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I'm so happy for you! Enjoy your new place!
(when can I come visit?)
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Can we really come visit?

SPring should be awesome up there
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My husband is looking for jobs down in your neck of the woods. We would love to get further down south. Congratulations. It is a buyers market right now and you made the most of it. Hugs, Marle
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Originally Posted by Saron03 View Post
I'll be your huckleberry. (Gotta love Tombstone)

What I meant was the yippie kay yay from ann's post (no offense). I know all you yankee's think us southerners ride horses to work (Texans get it bad).
LOL, I am north of Yankee land, I am a Canadian and dang'd if I can figure out the lingo that goes with each area of your country....just ask Mooselips, Hangin' In, or Catspajamas.

Me? I'll get to the border this way...
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Originally Posted by cinderellawkids View Post
Can we really come visit?

SPring should be awesome up there
Absolutely!!! I would LOVE it!! I always loved having my friends around in my younger years, but over the years I completely isolated myself in obsessing over exah. Not anymore!!

Spring is awesome here, as are all the seasons really. It's just a great climate to live in-unless you have allergies in which case stock up on the antihistiamines before you come!
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Congrats Jen! I am really happy for you, in fact doin' the happy dance again!
I live on the other side of TN, but go to see my daughter in Nashville while she is in college!! Maybe some day we can get together with other codies from our neck of the woods!!
Congrats again!! Well deserved!
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Hooray for you Jen!! So glad for the good news! You deserve it!!
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I'm so excited for you and the boys. What a great home to bring up kids.
I was in Nashville a couple of years ago with a group of linedancers. My favorite place was the "Wildhorse Saloon". The best dance floor in town. We boot scooted our way through the town of Nashville and loved it. Went to the Grand Old Oprey. It was awesome. Didn't come home with a cowboy, but I did get some good looking boots.

I wish you all of the best...........Lo
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I sure hope pictures are coming soon.....

Oh Yeah, one more time....

Congratulations, you ranch owner, you!
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i am so excited for you.i know you are going to be happy & things will start to really look up for you.hugs,
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Jen -


The place looks awesome. BTW, I'm in Atlanta, so not too far from you

Funny thing, when I first read your post I just KNEW you were going to get the ranch.

You are an inspiration.

Keep us posted and let us know when the codie roundup's going to be!!

Hugs and prayers!

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