AD on way to sober living home

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Wink AD on way to sober living home

We are leaving this am for a sober living home in another state. She seems happy and eager to move on. She packed and did laundry last night, is now fixing niece's hair for soccer game later today. She is sad about no contact for 30 days, I told her it wasn't long, we haven't spoken or seen each other in much longer!

Please pray for safe trip and God's continued intervention in my daughter's life. I know he has great things in store for her, she just won't listen. I pray it's her time. I told her she didn't have to go and she said she needed and wanted to, so I am taking that as a good sign. She looks good, healthy although she ate like a horse last night! Tried on clothes to see what fit, looked proper to take. Did well, I watched some, went out side some. Didn't have any duct tape and messed up a couple of times, but I did apologize.

Here we go, again, hoping this is her time.

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My prayers go out for your daughter, Susan, that she has the willingness to see this through and stay on a better path.

It seems the first couple of weeks are the hardest in rehab, that's often when they call to come home. Those who stay anyway are usually glad they did and have a change of heart once they begin learning better ways.

Take some special time for you when she has gone, I know it's been quite an emotional journey and now might be a good time to heal and find peace again.

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Susan, Prayers coming your way for you and Kasey. I really hope that this is her time. 30 days of no contact is nothing compared to a lifetime lived in recovery. Hugs, Marle
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Prayers on their way for you and AD. Hope this is her miracle time.
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That is GREAT news.
Trust that she is one step closer, and try to not look down the road too far.
With my son, he made it through rehab, but didn't "suck" it all in immediately.

But I know in my heart without it nothing would have improved down the road.

Trust that at least for today, she is safe, and taking steps toward a better life.
That in itself is a miracle, huh?

I'll keep her in my prayers
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Prayers on their way for you and Kasey.

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All my thoughts and prayers go with you both today. Ann is right, make sure you take some time for yourself today when she is gone. It is an emotional journey. God bless you both. Let us know how you are doing.

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What great news ! An the fact that she wants to do this is even better. Sending prayers an hugs your way.
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Praying for you and your daughter. Hugs.
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i hope that this will be her time. prayers for you both.hugs,
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Keeping your daughter in my prayers tonight.
I pray this is her time too and that once there, she surrenders completely to recovery.
I think you'll feel much better once she gets settled.
Big hugs and lots o' love to you tonight.

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Susan, I am so happy for you both. As Ann said, the first couple weeks are the hardest. My daughter is a 21 yr old recovering heroin addict. She has 5 months clean. Her fiance has 17 months clean. She knew her fiance when they were younger, but they re met at the half way house. They don't have the same amount of clean time cuz my daughter had 6 months clean & relapsed, then maybe 60 days or so & slipped. But she kept trying, and is doing very well today. I will keep your daughter in my prayers. This is wonderful news !
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If she wants to go thats a good sign, she's got to want it.
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It's a great step toward her new future. Encourage her as much as you can, then sit back and watch a miracle happen.
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Thumbs up

She is there, seemed happy, said she felt safe. No expectations, but for the last few days she is alive, safe, and trying. She cried when I left, didn't want to not talk to her family for 30 days, Told her I hadn't talked to her in 60+ this time, so 30 is nothing! She is 'afraid' of a couple women there--imagine after where she's been. I must admit, I would be afraid also!

I was allowed to buy one week groceries. She has to have a job in 30 days. NIce area, lots of opportunities--she even asked at the grocery store and saw several stores w/ now hiring signs. We'll see, no expectations. She said she felt safe and so many of the women told her how brave she was for pressing charges, some said they wish they would have earlier--one had to have reconstructive surgeirs on her face. Seems like a good place, could use new carpet! I told her I'd bring my carpet cleaner, teasing her and she laughed and said it was so much better than where she was.

The detective said she may not have to come to testify. With him have felong criminal charges, long arrest record, the pictures of the beating and burn and the two officer statements he said "this would be icing on the cake" on top of the felony.

I learned call blocker doesnt block cell phones or pay phones, so I got something called privacy manager. Will not ring my house w/ any unidentified calls. Either a name or number must be seen. Offers caller to leave name or message. Amamazing, I have had no calls or no messages!!!:saroll:

She cried, I didn't let her see me cry as I drove away. I know she is where she can learn to live sober, if she continues to choose. I can't send her anything anymore, except clothes or stuff she has here. No money at all. That's ok, knowing I can't do it by contract will remind me not to go where I have been before.

She asked me to help her unpack, fix her bed, etc. We did, she asked if I'd stay while she ate her supper so she could take antibiotic. She had a pot pie, asked if I wanted one too. Marle--she told me thanks several times and I thought of you. She also said she thought Cailee had taken her place. I told her noone would ever take her place, Cailee is my granddaughter and I love her too, but a love for a daughter is ever so special--no matter what they have done. I told her I truly believe God put Cailee here w/ me during Iraq and w/ my son to keep me here and sane, w/o that baby I would not have handled the pain and shame and gotten into recovery. Kasey said I seemed happy, more relaxed. I pray that is truly my recover showing and not her quacking to make me feel better!!!

Home is nice, there are 5 in a cul-de-sac and very upkept, peaceful. The church on the corner rings bells at the hour, and the bus picks up right at the corner. Lots of job opportunites, she asked at the grocery store if they were hiring. She cried when they told her they would take her monday for food stamps. When asked why she was crying, she told them her family didn't raise her to take something she should be working for. MY goodness, it's in there, just way way down! They explained it was only until she found a job and got a pay check and was only for a short while, not to make a life time living off the system. She agreed, but said she wanted to work.

So, we will see! Thanks to all for the prayers and encouragement. You mean the world to me.

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Oh gosh, *wipes a tear* (or two) that's all I can say right now. I am so happy for you both..
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Prayers that it is her time Susan...prayers for you too. She sounds like she has had quite an awakening and is receptive to hearing. Love and hugs
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Susan, It sounds like she may really have a chance this time. I hope she embraces it with her whole being. Yes our daughters are in there. I sometimes think that part of my daughter's shame is due to the fact that she was not raised to be a user-either of people or drugs. That has to cause some cognitive disonance within them. As the days go by I pray she continues on her path and at the end of those 30 days you will get to see your beautiful daughter unfolding once again. Hugs, Marle
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I've been away, but wanted to send prayers for your daughter also. Sounds like she is on track.
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That must feel awesome! Live it for the day it is!
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