I did not post previous-party time for the druggies

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Here's a thought that helped me get through those awful times too. His addiction wasn't about me. Meaning..........he wasn't leaving me because I was this horrible girlfriend. He wasn't leaving me because he fell in love with another woman. He really didn't want to leave me LOL.

He stayed gone and treated me the way he did because he was addicted to crack. The drug became his love, his obsession. His behavior had nothing to do with me and for me, that gave me some comfort. I hope it do the same for you honey.
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Typed a big long response to loves to lovestoo much-must have poked the buttons wrong. Still learning for this site & being force to use the computer.Unfortunately I do believe he dd care about me-even before he went to prison the last time the police told me, he cared. About 3 months ago-he told me he cared, I had stuck by him=no matter what-he had spent over 1/2 his life in prison and did not know how to express his feelings. I will believe that until the day I die. Strange though, there are no feelings for him left-GONR!!!! He can simply run with his druggies and his meth'wh--- and be gone.A good place for him. Police and God will take care of it all. Pups got hold of my glasses-sorry barely can see. LOL Thanks agin!!!!!
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Mine even took my home depot card and bought gift cards with it [to sell or trade for drugs]. If you have any cards he can buy a gift card with, and they are missing, report it...good luck..
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Was doing almost perfect yesterday, a simply perfect day-then to find out exactly who he is with & what he is doing? I should have known! I think of all the things I could do to him-was supposed to call a detective with the state this a.m. but why bother-he is on the road to destroying himself. I am on a good path of getting my life back. Just flustrated-not hurt, angry or anything=maybe just overcome knowing what hubby has been doing. But I know That Is What Addicts Do. Feel nothing for the man-hard to believe but true!!!! God or the devil must keep him on earth for some reason? I guess just sit back and wait for him to burn? May have to call his mom or brother and let them know what is going on? LOL Thanks to all!!!!!
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