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I was speaking to the mother of one of my clients (18 months old). She told me that her husband has pancreatic cancer. She also said that they've given him until September. My heart is absolutely breaking for them. He's in the hospital right now. I knew he was sick, but to what extent I wasn't sure. They have 3 young children. A five year old girl and twin 18 month olds - boy and a girl. So, if anyone has any prayers, please send them out to them!!!!!

Thank you!!!!
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That is so sad. Pancreatic cancer is so awful, it just happens so fast. My thoughts and prayers will be with that entire family during these sad times.
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I am sending my prayers for him and his family. I pray that he does not suffer to much.
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I will say a paryer for him.
Pancreatic cancer.. bad news.. BUT I have a friend who survived it and has done so for over 10 years now. He is on insulin and he and his wife ship cattle.

Praying real hard for this man.. does he have initials? First name???? First initial????
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Prayers for the father and his young family.
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i have lots of prayers.i pray ALL the time.i am sending prayers for your client & all concerned to give them strenght & to help her husband.
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Sending my prayers with the others..... For everyone that will be effected. That is tragic news
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Prayers going out for him and his family. Hugs, Marle
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Prayers are being said.
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Sending my thoughts and prayers to him and his family.
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That is so sad. Prayers going out to him and his family, and all those touched by it.
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My prayers are with the family, and for the doctors to have the wisdom that may just cure him.
It must be so hard dealing with little ones in a situation like this.
((ngu)) you are a very strong person, and this family is lucky to have you.
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I'm so osrry. Adding my prayers for the family. Thanks for caring so much and bringing this here. SR prayers are so sotrong!
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Please add my prayers for him and his family....
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