Filing a missing person's report

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Question Filing a missing person's report

My AH has been on a binge since Friday and I haven't heard from him. We have a son together, and I've been planning to meet with a lawyer this week to talk about custody/separation issues. Right now I'm still living with my AH because I'm a stay-at-home mom living far away from the rest of my family but I am working towards changing that situation right now.

Now, I hope my question doesn't make me sound cold-hearted because that isn't my intention. But does anyone know if filing a missing-persons report will help me in my custody case against my AH? I know I should probably ask a lawyer, but I was wondering if anyone here has any experience in this area. I honestly don't really care where my AH is right now and I'd be happiest if he never returned. So I feel like I'd be a fraud filing a report on him since I don't really want the police to find him, but at the same time it's nowhere on record that he disappears all the the time. I'm worried that it will be hard to prove he is an unfit father because there is nothing on file about his disappearances, although in reality he's only here 4-5 days/month.
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I'm sorry, I don't have any experience with this, but maybe you can find some answers at this website:
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i hope you find the answers you're searching for, keeping you and yours in my prayers.
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I think you will win your case either way. I am so sorry for you and your son.
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I don't know about the missing persons report. However, it does sound like you are on the right track, meet with an attorney, that would be your best option.
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i (well my brother who lives in teh same state as sister) filed a missing person report for my sister - it is mentioned in the paperwork for dcfs - everyone has told me that the more agencies you have documenting what is going on the better for yourself - at least if something legal comes up (in my case custody of sisters lil guys 2 & 4 - in your case custody/divorce) - i think it's good to have a trail of *legally right* stuff - then all the bs in the world won't matter - right????...

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Thanks everyone for your posts. I did file a report in the end and he turned up at a local hotel, relatively safe and sound. He's not come home yet, but at least it's on record that he disappears.
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