Extra prayers please

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sending good thoughts your way--be strong--
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i am so sorry parent. i am adding my prayers & sending you big hugs.
(((((parent recovers))))
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my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family . Know that you have a support family here that cares for you. I walked that road in October and it was reading the posts and the encouragement of others that kept me going. God does have a plan for all of us and know that He loves and cares for you. There is only so much we can do as parents. The rest is in God's hands. Place your daughter there as I am trying to place my son there too. I will not say that it is easy but there is no other way. I pray each night that God will open up my son's heart and help him to see that he is a valuable person........that he has worth and much to offer this world we live in . i will pray this for your daughter tonight.......God keep you in His care........dixie
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(((Parent)))I am so sorry. Relapse can teach your child If she is ready to learn. It hurts like heck. My RAD age 21 had almost 7 months clearn, then relapsed for about 2 weeks. She is now about 6 weeks clean again, and working hard. So I am praying your daughter will catch herself and get back on the road to recovery.
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I pray that your daughter finds her way back, that she learns from this relapse and that you find the peace to trust that her higher power has a plan for her recovery.... I'm sure you've heard it before. Relapse is part of recovery. My heart and my prayers go out to you and your daughter.
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I am so have support you
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My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Parent...sorry for your pain...we all have been there.
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sorry for the news (pr)
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I'm here too. I had a Mama who prayed.

The main reason I am able to pray for this daughter today.

Prayers for you my new dear friend.



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K, I'm so sorry...I know how painful this is.I t's so difficult as a mom to have to stand back and do what is so contrary to our natural instinct to protect and shelter our child. It helped me to know I was placing her in God's loving arms. Hugs and many prayers for your daughter and you and your husband.
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I'm so sorry!

((Hugs)) and lots of prayers!
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So sorry parent - my AD relapsed too and I know how painful it can be - I am so thankful I can come and read the posts here at SR and find support - it is like dixied said - pray for them and turn everything over to God. God knows your daughter is worthy and valuable.
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I'm so sorry.
Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers today.
Do something extra nice for yourself, okay?

Loving hugs...
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A Different Kind Of Post


Relapse is not acceptable.

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Parent. Checing in to see how your doing.
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Sorry, can't spell this morning. "Checking" to see how you are doing. I truley feel for you. The recent relapse of my daughter, I could sence it, the motherly instinct. I would ask her if she was ok, & if she needed help. She would be "what do you mean?, I'm fine" Then I was on my way home on night & saw her car at a place it shouldn't have been (for a recovering addict) I came home & sat in my car in the drivewy for 40 minuets just sobbing. the next day was an appt with my counsler. I told her of the relapse. She was just so helpful. things I knew from here, but I was finally gettiing it, that I can't stop her. it is her journey. The next day my daughter called me & said mom I have something to tell you. I relapsed, I will be going to detox tomorrow morinng, they have a bed. I tried but I can't stop on my own. I din't cry, or yell. I said I was proud of her for picking herself up & getting help. She was so surprised the way I handled it. Parent, I hope you have some face to face support to help you throught this and know we are all her walking beside you. Sending prayers
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sure appreciate hearing from all of you. addiction can be such a lonely place. we're ok over here, quiet, but moving forward. daughter did aa with her sponsor last night and husband and i did an extra alanon meeting. it's really her decision. i just pray she can make one that keeps her safe and healthy. thanks again, everyone. one day at a time, k
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im sorry about it!! iknow its very sad,, stay strong,,and hold on the good memories.. hopefully thegood way will come back soon. hugs toyou
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