what comforts YOU?

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what comforts YOU?

i'm only now learning that at times saying nothing at all... or not even questioning is the only way I can maintain my sanity. sometimes silence is golden. (i can't always do it lol... but i'm practicing)

recently i've found myself reading a lot... diving myself into a good book, taking a nap with my dog for no reason, going to the library are some ways i take my mind off to soothe my soul. sure i may still be preoccupied, but i manage to enjoy my day away from him a lot more now than i ever did before.

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grateful rca
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i'm mostly here and i find the more i can laugh at my own life, then the better i feel.

from time to time, i'll find a project to start or read a good book
i even like to clean closets while listening to some good music.
there are times that i play with the dogs and now i have fish to keep me company along with the grandbabies that i still sometimes keep while parents are at work.
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let it grow!
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i have a lot of houseplants, i enjoy taking care of those. i also like to cook and bake. sometimes i just take a peaceful walk. in the summer - gardening! i like to paint too, not unlike me to get up on a sat and paint a wall or two. blessings, k
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Nature Girl
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Walking helps me, on the beach, through the woods or just anywhere I can connect with the universe and feel grounded.

Taking my camera distracts me from my obsessive thinking because I am too busy noticing the beauty and trying to capture it in a photo.

I can hide in a good book and feel comforted by cuddling with my cat, Toby.

It took me many years to find peace and now I work to maintain it.

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music--gardening--walking my dog--and always a good book....
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i get really into something. cleaning,yard work whatever that will tired me out.
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I love the country. I feel most at peace when I am at the land messin in the garden, playing on the tractor, just being outside with nature. Sometimes...when I need to clear my head I just go down there and sit....have a conversation with God.
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Remembering to breathe really, really deeply feels so good sometimes...focusing on the breath and really noticing how it feels all the way into my lungs and all the way out. Blogging helps sometimes, and talking to girlfriends. Also, nothing makes me feel better than a good meeting. I always leave with a fresh sense of serenity, as if I've been recentered.
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Awaiting Email Confirmation
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Since I tend to do too much thinking while reading or walking, I like to do something that requires a little concentration. Talking on the phone helps me a lot or hanging out with other people, etc. I think a lot when I am by myself so I try to hang out with others. Also, I go to school 2 nights a week.. and even though I have been able to maintain an A average (Go Me!!! Go Me!!!) I find that I have to put my CH out of my mind completely in order to study, etc.
Scrapbooking and cleaning and gardening and shopping (Not buying, just shopping.... YES, there is a difference) are my go to things, a lot.
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'Round and 'Round I Go....
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watch one of my favorite shows that I tivo'ed. i'm such a couch potato.
it helps me to get out of my own head.
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My turtles and aquariums comfort me
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Strange, but I feel comforted when I have hope that something will get better. I don't obsess about it, but I like to do one tiny positive thing that will better my situation somewhere down the line.

Then comes the bubble bath with the stereo turned up high.
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Watching Emergency Vets and shows on the ASPCA on TV. Taking care of my 5 dogs. But when I feel the most peaceful is when I am in the woods. I love the woods more than any other place. Someday that is where I will retire. Either that or in an RV park in Arizona Marle
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Marle, my family used to vacation in East Tawas and I loved walking in the woods more than anything. I understand that perfectly.
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GL, Small world, huh. We have the best of both worlds up here. The woods and the water. Marle
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What comforts me? Prayer, exercise, solitude......AA meetings,
Shopping (sometimes), walking in the woods, reading, taking a bath, vaccuming (sometimes), even ironing. PLus, my job. Going to work everyday puts structure in my life. It gives me a purpose to better my life and those that I work with.

I like to find an activity that I get lost in the moment. Something that temporarily stops me from worrying or from complaining of body aches.

In my inner most being I am so darn worried about my AS. He has had a tumultuous year of losing it all. Drugs have ripped him up. Jails, court houses, hospitals, rehabs....he's done them all.

Sorry for rambling on. Thank you all for sharing you experience, strength and hope. I love my son, I hate the addiction.

Thankfully he is not coming around here. I don't want to do anymore enabling and I don't want to be robbed from.
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having a nice, quiet day - getting out of the house by myself, getting starbucks and wandering around barnes and noble - reading outside, with the warm sun and the kids playing (we've gone from 80* to 30* so i cherish last week and spring break) - meetings with my friends from our kids prgram - and a day without drama - that really brings me comfort...

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