Still in jail for now

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I'm HOME!!!!!
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Still in jail for now

I spoke with the detective on the case tonight. She's still in jail, I can hardly stand it. She's such a tiny thing, and now weighs about 90lbs. I mean...who takes size 5 shoes at 29 years of age?!

I was sooo worried all day at work. Work 12 hour shifts, and could hardly focus while I was there. Just picturing her tiny little face, and imagining what she is going thru.

Am a leetle nervous about the boyfriend. Not sure if he's been picked up or not. Afraid he's going to come here looking for her. I'm sure he knew she was coming to my house last night....she never went home....and I don't know if he knows she is in jail or not. I was picturing him all day...waiting....needing his next fix....wondering if he was worrying?!

I thank all you angels here who have been responding to my don't know how much it helps me!!! You know how we do!!! Should I have done this?? Should I have done that?? on and on and on and on

Anyway, working again tomorrow..12 hours again.....Prayers for all our addicts....may they find peace!!!

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Everyday she is in jail is one day cleaner. In a couple of days she will feel better and maybe reflect on what her life has become and she will really seek help to stay clean. I dont know the pain that this would cause a parent since I dont have kids I'm sure its more than words can say. ((((NSW))))
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Gather your wits and remember that jail is a better than the street. Take a deep breath and think about this. You know where she is. You know she is safe right now from what goes on out there on the street. She is not with the bf. She has a roof over her head and food provided for her. She is MUCH better off than if she were free right now, Not.

So try to focus on all of that. Not the other stuff that is driving you crazy. I know you can do it. Just when those "stinkin' thinkin'" thoughts come into your head, say, "No, I'm not going there. She is safe. She is being fed. She has a bed in which to sleep and I know she is not using tonight." Those are all good things.'s the deal. You put that head on the pillow tonight and have a decent night's sleep. You worked 12 hours today, for pete's sake! You deserve a good night's sleep. You're worth it. (((((NOT)))))

Keeping both of you in my prayers,
Hangin' In
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You are both still in my prayers. I know you are terribly worried, but this is the best place for her for right now. I'm sure they are keeping a very close watch on her. She's safe.. and this is one more night that she won't be putting more poison into that frail little body of hers. Try to sleep. You put in such a long day, and you need and deserve the rest. Sending a prayer off right now.
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Sweetie, She is right where she needs to be. She may be a tiny little thing, but she has managed to survive the horrors of drugs and being on the streets. She has lots of strength...the next couple of days may be painful as she withdraws, but it is it is not life threatening and the pain may help her to want to stay clearn.

You're so strong and loving...You can get through this. Close your eyes and visualize her higher power wrapping her in protective arms. Let him do his job, dear one. Hugs and prayers and please get some rest!
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Just picturing her tiny little face, and imagining what she is going thru.>>>

Coming down... Looking for a fix, Waiting for a fix, Not knowing if you are going to get one, not having enough money, depending so much on that one person to deliver, then running out as soon as you get it,
is much much worse.....

She's in a safe place with a bed and food, where she can't hurt herself.
It's a good thing. Pretty soon she'll be feeling so much better...
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She is safe, she has a roof over her head, and food. Better than living on the street.

Remember the three "C's".

She maybe tiny, but she is a grown woman, her choices are her choices.

Focus on you, that's all you can do.

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She's in God's hands and safe. Trust that and get some sleep.
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I can only offer my prayers...try to picture your daughter safe...and let her higher power take over...

my heart breaks for you ...
there but for the grace of God go anyone of us...

your pain is our pain
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My heart breaks for you, too.
You can't let this take you over, though.
You have to stay focused on you and her son.
She's gonna get better. She will.
HP has placed her where he wants her to be.
Who knows, she may meet someone there that she
was destined to meet. All for the soul purpose of getting
well. Before you know it, she'll call.
You have to stop imagining the worst. It will drive you crazy.
When I get very distraught about my son and his situation, I always
imagine a great giant hand, (the Lord's) in which my son climbs up in to.
There the thumb covers him, and I "see" him snuggle into it for rest.
She is safe.
Please, try to envision her fed, getting rest, and staying clean.
He will watch over her.
Sending my thoughts, prayers, and love out to you today, Not.
From one mom to another,
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I am praying for the both of you. Jail is better than dead, hooking, overdosing, getting beat up.....God is in control, she is where she is supposed to be...
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I'm HOME!!!!!
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I can't tell you guys how much you help me.....I'm like a drowning man rushing to my computer as if it is a liferaft. And lately it has been MY liferaft.

OMG I love the picture of God's hand and her snuggling under the thumb. I'm sitting here with tears running down. You guys are all soooo patience, kind, understanding and supportive!!!! I can't thank each and every one of you enough. Each of you make up a link to a chain that keeps me SANE!!!

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NSW, Keeping you and your daughter and grandson in my prayers today. I, too, think that God is holding her in His loving arms. I picture that for my daughter every night before I go to sleep and that image helps me to sleep peacefully. I really do practice telling my mind not to go to those dark places and I find as time goes on, it really does work. You said that you wanted her away from the boyfriend. What better place to keep him away. You know he won't risk his freedom for her. And she is safe for now. Hugs, Marle
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I am sending my prayers too. She is safe for another day, feed and has a place to sleep for another day. God will watch over her. He protects the weak and ill and she is both at this time.
Please take care of you and lil guy, you have to stay well for him and for when she is well again and wants to come home. She will want to come home in the end.
Hugs coming to you
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reminder: she is safer in jail than on the streets.just take care of you & if you do not feel comfortable call the police. stay safe.hugs & prayers,hope
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Hang in there...remember one day at a the others have said everyday she is there is another day without drugs..Your always so kind an helpful to others on here. I'm glad that at least for now you can find some peace knowing your daughter is off the streets, off the drugs an being fed 3 meals a day. Hugs an prayers.
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Living in the light
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My son always got rested, looked healthier, gained weight and HE even felt safer in jail than the street. Daughter is in a better place. Believe it ((( Mom )))
She will also get a medical evaluation while there.
The street can be deadly...jail isn't.

Now, just for today, take care of you. 12 hour shifts are tough and you need
all your energies, thoughts, and focus on you alone.

The serenity prayer works beautifully for me...whatever is happening.
God grant me the SERENITY
To accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can ( worrying thoughts, obsessions and fears)
And the wisdom to know the difference.
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I think you are doing real well. You may not be FEELING real well emotionally but you are doing really really well.
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As always you and your family are in my prayers.This is the best thing that could happen to your daughter at this stage of her life,and it is a safe haven for her to get her mind clear enough to consider a different path in life.Love to you.gate
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Both my son and son in law hated jail. It is what gave my son the motivation to get clean for over a year and is what KEEPS my son in law clean for TWO years now.

She needs this, NSW. You are in my prayers (((NSW)))).
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