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Thumbs down Shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, here's one for the books, i just got back from my run about an hour ago, i'm sitting in my chair , recouprating, waiting for the air to return to my body and there is a knock at the door. i say "come in " and my brothers senior in high school son comes in. we start to talk and he asks me if he can get a ten from me for gas to get back to the town they live in (it's about 30 miles away), i tell him no problem and go to retrieve the cash (it was hard to find a ten in all those hundreds...........dreaming) i come back out and hand him the bill and i notice the drink i though was a soda or energy drink is in fact a can of beer.
i ask what's in the can ( as i thought it might be a spit can). he says it's just a beer! WWWHHHHAAATTT???? he says thirsty and wanted something to drink before he went home............30 miles home!!!!!! i was reeling!!! i don't think the reality of the situation has even really hit me yet, i mean i know kids are gonna drink sometimes, but at 11:30 in the morning?
i asked if his dad knew about him drinking and he said he didn't care (meaning my brother) and that it was just one, he was thirsty and it was ice cold. i made him dump it out and told him to stop by here before he leaves for home after school, yeah, after school!! i was shocked for many reasons but the biggest was i would never have thought this boy would be drinking, let alone at 11:30 in the morning and also just to carry one into my house like he was walking into a party. i told him until he was 21 i better never see him with another and that i would be talking to his dad this afternoon. he said he was sorry and that he had a lot of respect for me (which made me feel good) but i also told him i thought he was a good kid but that was not the way to show me respect.
i told him that if he needed to talk to someone i am always here for him if he can't talk to his dad, but have a pepsi or something if you are thirsty, and where did you get it? he said out if his freinds fridge.
i guess i am just agast at what was unfolding before me , especially with what we (my AW and i) are going through. had to vent a little , thanx, the AW and i are still doing well but she is at her mothers , so i guess i will see if the good times will continue when she returns. bye for now
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well it sounds like you did good with your boundaries so good job hang in there
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