June's Dad..

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June's Dad..

Hi guys..

My Dad is up from TN visiting...he has about 25 years in AA and has the same sick sense of humor we all have so it is fun when he comes. We were talking about all those affected by the family disease of alcoholism and he said there should be cat anon and dog anon too!

We are going together to an open AA meeting either Sat nite or Sun morning...kinda cool huh? Now THAT is sick!! LOL! A little father daughter gettagether at an AA meetin'...

After all these years he is still very active, going to 2-3 meetings a week, but he lets the younger "old timers" do the sponsoring and such.

I have shared a little with him about you all. He is one of the first ones to notice when I am getting off track and he tells me and I don't listen...never did listen to my parents. Why start now!

And he is happy that I am back going to meetings...and he found my new AARP magazine (that I never asked for) and can't believe he has a daughter who turned 50! He is 75 and on NO maintainance meds...he is very healthy and fit

So I thought I would share a lttle about the first man I ever loved. An alcoholic!!!

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What a wonderful thing to have that time with your dad. It must be really sweet and special to be able to share your recovery with him. Invite him to sit down, grab a keyboard and share with us! It would be fun to hear about HIS experience, strength and hope after all those years.

Cherish this time with your dad. Mine got his wings 9 years ago and is on angel duly 24/7 now... I still wish I could give him a REAL hug !

hugs to both of you
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Hi JT!

Your dad sounds like a crackerjack. Give him a hug from me. (((((JT)))))... pass it on!

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**************{JT's DAD}}}}}}}

This is a wonderful story and your dad sounds like a terrific person. I love him already. My dad died when I was 6 so I have never known what it was like to have a dad as an adult.

If he is looking to adopt another little "angel" I am ready to sign up anytime.
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Wow JT,

Your Dad has a way of making you bubble. I'm so glad you have this time together.

Give him and Ward a hug from me.

They are both so lucky to have you.

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You just put a huge smile on my face!
He sounds like a chip off the old block-
I love it, and brought back memories of
my Dad. I was a "Daddy's Girl"-Big Time.
Thanks for sharing, and you know what
young lady-I think it's about time you
started listening to your father LOL

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JT -

thank you for sharing about your dad. I was the poster child for 'daddys little girl' and I lost my dad at age 17, right when I was just learning about drugs and that is when my addiciton took off running for years.

Reading your post made me cry for two reasons. One I miss my dad and it makes me sad that as Ann said I will never know him as an adult. Two, happy tears for you - what a wonderful thing that you two get to share together, recovery. A father daughter trip to an AA meeting sounds better than a trip to the park to me LOL!

Have a great visit and hug him for me too!!!
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Wondeful JT!!!! Your such an inspiration......your father sounds like one too!

Love you!
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