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Alcoholics. I met one 20 years ago. Struggling, lost everything, bankrupt....he recovered and we made a life. He came back from bankruptcy, we built a beautiful home and life together. New cars, tryck, peace, happiness....I thought But, his family of origin just wasnít having it. They never let him alone really to live his life with me. I was treated like the kind social worker who rehilbilitated the drunk. I stood by him thru 5150, relapses, nursed him back to life, treated him like a king... For the past 2 weeks it has been a living hell. Police, hospitals, paramedics, more police, passing out....of course his family is all up in it. Tonite heís coming out of it, I told him Iím filing for divorce. He says to me, I bought that truck knowing I was going. Iím happier with them, and my grandkids. He wanted to leave all along! He did this drunk episode to put the final nail in it seems. He pretended for 20 years? Now heís going to lose it all again! Everything he worked for, his job, his home, his wife...Iím stunned that 20 years means nothing....crazy. Iím so so hurt.
from what Iíve dealt with having a significant other being an alcoholic, I wouldnít actually take it too close to heart. Before my boyfriend got sober he mentioned nasty things like that in a few episodes before I really pulled the plug and said talk to me when you are sober.

Its hard. Itís hard to hear someone say such nasty things after feeling like you put 150% in. But 9/10 the alcoholic is saying nasty things they really feel towards themselves or are expressing anger they have towards themselves. I hope you find peace.
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