4 Years since my last post? Really?

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4 Years since my last post? Really?

Hello everyone!
I don't know why I logged in today. Perhaps I was counting my blessings. Maybe I was giving myself an attitude adjustment this morning and remembered how much this place has done for me in my life. Checking my last post from the last time I logged on was interesting. 4 years to the day. I haven't been here for 4 years? Where'd that time go? Are things good? Are things bad and I'm coming back for some help? This may make sense to some and might be foreign to others. Maybe you remember me. Probably not. My ego sure would get a boost if you did but he's no longer in charge. At least not completely in charge.

I've been good. I've been improving my conscious contact with a power greater than myself. I've been keeping my mouth shut. I've been staying on my side of the fence. Yes. You got it. I've been working my program all this time. For several years, I would attend 3 meetings a week. I got a sponsor. I worked the steps. From that, I've sponsored someone.. I got to work the steps again. Now he's sponsored someone. Yes, I get to work the steps again. It's very exciting times.

So yeah, it was this site and a post from me and response from another that suggested I go to an Al-Anon meeting. I did and here I am, counting my blessings and giving thanks.

Maybe I'll lurk around a bit. Hopefully I won't give out advise.

Thanks everyone!
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Wow, shellcrusher, I remember you from my early days here. Good to see you're alive and kicking, and going to Alanon meetings!
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Welcome back! Good for you, sounds like you have done the real work!
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I remember you too... welcome back!!
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Please feel free to give advice, I'm sure you will help those who are struggling. It's encouraging to know things do get better.
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Hey Shellcrusher!

You won't remember me (probably) under this name, but I do remember you! I'm glad to read you are doing so well

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I am somewhat new to SR and after reading your update, I read some of your prior threads. Thank you for checking back in. It is great to see that you are at a place where you can pay it forward with helping others with their journey through recovery. Your wisdom would be welcomed! If you are also doing it for selfcare and needing another outlet in your toolbox, it would be a win-win for all! Would love to hear more about your life now.
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Good to read you. Happy New Year!
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