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Go with your gut. If it doesn't feel good or natural, then take a step back. Everything happens in its own time.
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I will be staying away from alcoholics or addicts, recovering or not. I am sure there are tons of good people in recovery out there - it is just I am not willing to deal with the risk.

XAH was in recovery when we met - for several years, stayed sober for 6 years of our marriage - the other 6 were akin living on a ticking one bomb. He relapsed several times - and if anyone described to me what his relapses were like - I would have not married him.

Originally Posted by qtpi View Post
Okay. Here is another dating dilemma. Met a man with good character... So far anyway... Tells me he is a non drinker and a recovered alcoholic. I am thinking of telling him just can not do it at this point. Although I did go on one date with him through an internet site. Before I found out he is in recovery. Darn. He seems like a nice guy but I am too fearful.
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I told him to go eat something and he said, "deal"

as in, you gotta deal. he agreed with you. just not very nicely.

so it was a couple weeks talking to someone. and it proved not to be worth pursuing.

to be honest, as a new landlord with new tenants just moving in, it probably wasn't a great plan to try and go out that night. you have a responsibility now to your home and your tenants. it was up to you as landlord to make sure that everything in the house was working - heat, lights, sewer. this is all new to you, but this is the choice you made.

try to make life easier on yourself, not harder. now is probably way too soon to try and "get back out there" - there is no rush. there is plenty of time and plenty of men.
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Ugh, I'm so bummed this happened.
Hun, you should be doing a happy dance that this happened. Some people are so skilled in hiding who they actually are until you are so sucked in that its a nightmare to get out!

He showed you he isn't it...EARLY!! That is a GOOD thing!
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