Court Date Today

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Court Date Today

I had my court date today for the motions to compel. It was a new judge. She'll be the judge for my final hearing. Thank goodness there weren't any big surprises!
What is worrying me, is his attorney is asking for me to pay his attorney fees, because I was late getting some of the documentation in. I did the best I could. As I received the information, I sent it to my lawyer. I also had to move x2, and had 2 surgeries during that period. My AH still hasn't given us all his documentation yet. My lawyer told me not to worry about it!
Financially, I'm really not able to pay his attorney fees.
The judge, I guess will give us a written decision on the other motions. We asked for all the business financials, a copy of the trust document that my AH, states he has no interest in. Also for him to answer what his drinking habits are and if he has a criminal record.
I got through it!!!! I think I'm ok!
My AH looked so thin and old. It was really sad seeing him that way!
My sister came with me for support. When we left the court house, I said to her, I feel so blessed and fortunate that I was able to get out of that situation!! I look at where I was a year ago and now!! I am in a much better place. It's taken me awhile to appreciate what I have, and to begin to forgive myself.
I know I have another court hearing in March, but hopefully, it will be almost finished!
Is their pain? Absolutely! I think time will help with that. Pain can be a good thing sometimes. It reminds us how lucky we are, and we should be grateful for what we have.
Thank you for all your support and advice.

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WAY TO GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me? I would tell them to his my [email protected]@ about paying for his attorney but that's just me. You've done enough...
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It's good that the Judge is taking the time to review everything and make a ruling on the motions. Asking for attorney's fees is a pretty generic thing to do, it happens in most domestic filings, so don't worry too much Sending positive thoughts into the universe for you babe! You've been SO strong!
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Awesome!! I wouldn't worry about the claim for attorney's fees. As noted, it's a pretty common demand. Your diligence is evident, while he has dragged his feet every step of the way. I hope your lawyer asked for YOUR attorney's fees to be paid by him? Seems to me his delay has cost YOU.

Keep breathing--you're getting there!!
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Almost there Z!!!!!
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Hooray! Another hurdle successfully jumped. You are almost there. Try not to worry about paying for his attorney. I think it's asked for all the time. Doesn't mean it will happen. Anyway, don't worry. Worry causes forehead lines.
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Getting closer bit by bit Z. You deserve the best.
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Hang in there!!!
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