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Originally Posted by DesertEyes View Post
* lmao *

Yes!!! Somebody who understands!!!!

I took the fish to the the pet store just to flush them there. The children don't need to know the details.
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That reminds me...

One of my mom's sayings when we were growing up is that if she had it to do over again, she'd have raised guppies rather than kids. I always assumed it was the flushability factor--children tend to clog the plumbing.

My ex (kiddos' dad) thought that was hysterical, and we started referring to our kids as the guppies. When we talk, I will ask him for the latest "gupdate" on the kids. On Mothers' Day or Fathers' Day, we wish each other a "Happy GuppyMom Day" or "GuppyDad Day."

We were grateful when they got their own bowls, but they do swim back to the home aquarium from time to time.
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I think we should all just take a moment to breathe. Animals with superpowers? They do not- the are humans that take their totem animal form at night. Tupperware to squirrel. Amway to possum. Goldfish to toilet.
There was a news feature here recently- a big 7 foot red kangaroo (old man red) had this guy's pig-dog in a headlock. The guy hit the k. in the face to release the dog. The k. looked at bit annoyed (big buggers- very,very strong)HA! One time- winter in the mountain bush (Grampians) in Victoria. 2 large adult male koalas fell from their tree (fighting- koala naughties season)- both about the size of a small rotty. They landed with a god awful bang on the tin roof.

They fought for about 20 minutes. Imagine a very upset wookie- triple the volume and double it. Weirdest sound. Strong buggers too- huge claws. BTW- they are NOT bears- they are marsupials.
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We heard this gawdawful screeching one day, and it was Mr Smooth Raccoon giving his ladylove the business in a tree outside our front door. Evidently he was doing it wrong, because she would turn and hiss and screech at him, but not make a move to leave. I'm surprised there were any leaves left on the tree from all the shakin' goin' on!!!!! Sounded like 10 cats in a cement mixer.
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That squirel video cracked me up!!!
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Your story is epic. I laughed all the way through it (that, and Lexie's video).
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