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Film alert!

I just wanted to put in a plug for the most AMAZING documentary--currently on HBO (and featured at numerous film festivals, including Sundance): Private Violence (Private Violence | Home).

This is the most amazing--and true--film about domestic violence I have ever seen. For my job, I was fielding media inquiries for two weeks on the Ray Rice assault. This film answers, in a very compelling way, the question everyone kept asking: "Why does she stay?"

For some people recently victimized, or still suffering from PTSD, the film might be a trigger, but it is extremely well-done, and quite empowering at the same time. As awful as the crime was that is the focal point of the film, the survivor is an incredibly brave and articulate person, and the advocate who is also featured in the movie, Kit Gruelle, is equally amazing.

Anyone who is concerned about domestic violence should see this--and I only wish every prospective juror in the country could see it!
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Thanks LexieCat. I'll keep an eye out for it.
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I just watched it yesterday on cable and I agree that it was very moving and so well done.
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Hi there , thought I'd plug a good movie I watched last night , it's called 'Boyhood'

Also watched 'Bye Bye Love' tonight , am enjoying watching films in the evening now x
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