worried about his health

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worried about his health

of course I always need something to worry about. My SO has bene doing very well. No argumentativeness, no rantings. Things have been very calm. he is actually getting along very well with my oldest daughter. We have been happy........all of this AFTER I finally had the big talk about all the things that have been bothering me. I was keeping a lot bottled up and nothing was changing.

But he is still drinking....not ready to deal with giving it up. But he has cut back. I know it is probably only temporary I suppose. But he does seem to be putting forth an effort. But last night he had a few too many....I can tell when he has popped open those last two he shouldn't have. He has sleep apnia (sp?) I guess that is what it is....when he drinks too much. He stops breathing and his stomach does this weird "twitching" thing. It scares me. I usualy just jostle him and he starts brething normally again. He also is getting a bit of a belly........not a typical beer belly but a kind of tight poochy belly. How do you know when they are having liver problems??

I just find it hard to believe that you can consistently drink that much beer and not pay the price. What are the signs of health problems?? He seems healthy enough but the breathing at night is really concnering me. And of course causing ME to lose sleep.
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There are two people that are very close to me that have had that same problem……..My father, who was not an alcoholic and a co-workers husband…they both went to a sleep clinic and were monitored through the night……and that is what they were diagnosed with is sleep apena……they were both prescribed a breathing machine which the insurance covers the cost……so when they do stop breathing at night…..they have the breathing machine to breath for them…….in long term this is going to help them stop problems in the future that would be caused…..heart, and other things…… take about a week for them to start feeling a difference……they are not as tired, which gives them more energy……you may want to check into a sleep clinic if he is willing to do so……..
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I know people who have sleep apnea and they are not alcoholic... I don't think sleep apnea is related to alcoholism.. You can approach this one with him as a health problem needing to be looked into.

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Ward has sleep apnea. He did the sleep study at home with a machine the doctor had and came up with a diagnosis of severe sleep apnea. He sleeps soooo bad, he wanders all night and adding the drinking sometimes he gets in trouble, like falling.

He got a CPAP machine and he hates it so we are looking into surgery. This is something he HAS to fix for his own health. And like Myles...I don't attribute it to drinking.

It took me forever to get him to address it. He puts it off as me making a big thing out of nothing. I have to admit when his study came back as "severe" I had a moment of glee!

I doubt he ever would have gone for the hospital study...check into the possiblity of an at home one and then be prepared to nip at his heels for a while.

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You have touched on one of my big defects. Worrying about health is ingrained in me like carving in a rock. My mom worries about everyones health, and I picked it up from an early age. I have worked the steps on this defect of worry, and my realization is that everyone makes their own decisions affecting their health, and I have to let them. My husband is sober, but does a lot of things that cause him problems health wise. I don't like it, but he is not a child. The only person that I can make decisions for is me. Instead of focussing on what he should be doing, I have to focus on my own spiritual, physical, and emotional well being. I am not perfect in any of those areas, so I, too, have room to improve. It's my business to take stock of me and improve my flaws. It's not my business to inventory someone else. That's their responsibility. I have to look at why I need to control someone else's life. Hugs, Magic
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