I am so low

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He told me tonight I am the only person who does this to him, makes him face reality and he will move on without me in his life. Why does he blame me for everything in his life? He takes no responsibility for himself and just abuses me...why?????
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'Cos it's easier for him to have a scapegoat to take all of the blame. He doesn't WANT to look at his own actions. XAH was like this too. Everything was all my fault (and probably still is but since I'm No Contact with him, I don't know and don't much care!). Try a period of no contact with him. It really helps.
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Sending positive healing thoughts your way
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you have to focus on YOU and your daughter, push this guy to the back of the line. He throws you crumbs to combat his guilt...It's always all about him, and what he needs to feel good.

this man is not worth your time and energy. I think if you stop taking his texts, calls and remove yourself from hearing about him and his drunken excuses, you will start to feel better. you CAN develop a support network for yourself and there are many people who will treat you with kindness and compassion. what goes around, comes around and it will for him too at some point.
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how ya doing sweeteewalls?

stay strong, get better.

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Checking in on you today, sweettee!
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