The Fighter -- movie

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The Fighter -- movie

I watched The Fighter last night. Good movie for a buck. It's about a Boston area boxer and his crackhead boxer brother. Hollywood ending, pretty girl, defies the odds. Standard.

However, the writers must now a bit about what we go through. And I picked up on a couple scenes worth sharing. Or maybe the actual brothers managed to convey the craziness and the writers just captured it. Regardless, I thought it worth sharing.

The brothers mother is the over bearing "manager" of the brothers. In real life she's probably an alcoholic, though they don't really show this in the movie. She's not a very good manager, as the hero is getting crappy fights, and getting his arse kicked.

In the house with her live her 7 daughters, who all appear to be late teens to late 20's. They get into a big argument about the hero going to another manager, as he's not getting any younger and needs some different opportunities. One of the sisters speaks up for the hero brother. The mom turns on her instantly and screams -- "you owe me 200 dollars! How dare you talk to me like that in my own kitchen when you owe me 200 dollars!"

Where's My SWEATER! It is exactly the same.

It was classic alcoholic re-direction. Suitable for use in education programs across the country.

Watch the movie when you have time, and notice all the little things you are familiar with. I bet those unfamiliar with alcoholic behavior watch the movie and think it impossible for a family to act like that.
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he he

yea, how dare you talk to me without taking the garbage out first! and you didn't feed the dog yesterday, .......
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I know. I loved it. And how much more could the mother cover up for the addict son and her sweet husband cover up for her? It is so much more fun in the movies.
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Melissa Leo won an Academy? award for her performance, I know Christian Bale was up for something, but cannot remember if he won. And i have read that Mark Wahlberg confirmed they are making a sequel.
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I saw the movie and thought it was good but when I left the theater I was so depressed. It pushed too many buttons.
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It was an excellent movie. I saw it when it first came out, and did a great job of portraying a very dysfunctional family, addict brother included!
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