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Wow, good news--kiddo got the job he interviewed for today!! It's a courier-type job for a lab company (you know--lab tests and such). They apparently liked the fact that he had his EMT certification AND liked his short-lived volunteer stint with the Red Cross.

Go figure! Apparently it WAS to be a "temporary" type job, but he was told they hope to get him through the background check and get him hired as a regular employee ASAP.

The pay and hours are good, better than the job he was just let go from. I talked to his Dad, not him, and he wasn't sure about benefits and stuff, but geeze, the kid needed a JOB. If he's working and mostly self-supporting, then it's a lot less annoying to be helping out with stuff like insurance for a little while longer.

Now, my current crisis is the slow drip through my ceiling that has rotted out a large section of the area. After the third visit from a plumber, it turns out my icemaker water supply line was leaking. Ticks me off--first plumber said he pulled out the fridge and it was dry. Nope, floor was SOAKED and it's apparently been leaking for weeks, if not months. I tried to tighten the connection, put on some teflon tape underneath, but it's still leaking. I turned off the icemaker water supply (and I LOVE my icemaker--fortunately I have a bag of emergency ice in the freezer), but fixing the floor/ceiling is gonna be an expensive proposition. Always something...

But what the heck. I've got an employed kid. And AA friends who are carpenters and painters.

Life is good.
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Woo Hoo!!!! Congrats to your son! Ouch about the ice-maker. Hope it's not too big an expense.
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