Todays Laugh...

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Todays Laugh...

After 28 days in rehab. He quit drinking.
He came home, went to AA, read the big blue book..
He was walking on clouds, so he told everyone..
He was "Sober", he accepted his chips & jingled jangled
them around in his pocket everyday

While he was in rehab, I cleaned his truck out. 13 Empty
Liquor Bags under the seats...Not including the bags &
bottles in every compartment in the garage, gun safe.

He moves across the United States, because God told him too.
It was his & Gods plan, so how could I step in.

He has called & texted since he has moved. Drunk...
Swears he is "Sober"

Tonight, was the first time I have opened his truck since
he went to rehab in January. Now keep in mind, he was
only home 3 weeks from rehab, before he moved away........

Well, by crackey.....9 more bottle bags appeared under the seats!
They are like breeding rabbits...

I didnt get mad,
I didnt get sad,
I sat there and was thinking if I had enough bags to make a designer skirt?
Like they do with Crown Royal bags...

Felt Good To Crack Up Laughing, Over A Stupid Bag...
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Glad you can laugh it is unfortunate but it sounds like you know you ca't control his disease.

He is going to drink whether you laugh or cry so you might as well laugh.

Keep posting its pretty theraputic at least I think so.
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You may start a new trend with that skirt. Thanks for the levity. I'm glad you're seeing some humor in this big ol' mess.
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am trying to think what liquor comes in a cloth bag other than crown?

that's making me nuts - please tell me.

I'd make them into a teddy bear
and make him sleep on the couch
with that instead of me.


what liquor?
I was six or seven years bartender (literally can't remember)
and another two in a liquor store.... off and on...
and I can't think of a single one now?
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