Crazy few days

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Crazy few days

Well, after all the nonsense of a few days ago, I finally feel peaceful tonight. My father and I covertly went back to our apartment and got mine and the babies things out while my a was gone. I paid the last months rent and spoke to the landlord so all is well on that end of things. I haven't spoken to him since I left, but he keeps leaving me voice mails....I can tell from the tone of his voice he wasn't drunk, but one time hes yelling and threatening me and the next hes crying and sorry. Anyway, that's the update. Thank you all so much for the support when I really needed it...

What should I expect from him now? Will he ever be civil enough to actually have a conversation with? We do have a child and I don't know how to handle that. I guess I get a lawyer. Is that the best option?

Just wondering what to expect now that I have left. I don't have any experience and I know that all people are different, are there any generalities to expect from him....good or bad? I hope my question is clear. My head is kind of fuzzy tonight.

Again.....Thank you all....
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Can you fill us in on a few details? Sometimes their specific drug of choice is important -- meth for instance makes an addict very aggressive, so you have to be careful about that.

Does he have a history of being physically OR emotionally abusive?

Do you feel safe?

Is he threatening you on the voicemails?

Have you answered him at all?

How old are your children? Is he a good dad and 'devoted' to his kids?
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Need to go back and read your past posts to get the whole picture, but, for now...

ONE day at a time!
Just stay safe and remember you are doing this for your and your childs safety and well being.

You did the right thing.
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So are you staying with your folks right now?

My suggestion is that you talk to a lawyer as soon as possible so you know what your rights and options are, and you get temporary orders for stuff like child support and any visitation issues in place as soon as possible. Having the orders helps a LOT because there is no debate necessary--what the order says, goes.

You don't have to file for divorce immediately unless you want to, but knowledge is power.

Glad you got some breathing space.
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Things are different, but they are also the same. Good on you for making the changes you need to make for your sake and your child's. I highly recommend you get the best lawyer you can afford.

Take care,

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(((sm))) I'm glad that you are safe from his anger! I think that getting a lawyer would be a wise decision.

One day at a time into a wonderful future for you and your child!

Hugs, HG
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