Odd Request

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Odd Request

Hi everyone! I have a bit of an odd request!
Some of you may remember my name "Elsie", and you are the ones I need! lol

I came back here at some poitn last year under a new name, and for the life of me I cannot recall what that different name was. In those posts I mentioned that it was me, Elsie.

if you remember, can you please let me know what my name was? LOL Or PM it to me?

I asked because I remember a thread I was involved in with that newer name, and I need the info that was in it, for a member of my family!

Thanks everyone!
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Elsie, have you posted this request in the "Technical Issues" forum? Unless you have changed computers in between your initial ID and your new ID, they might be able to help you. The technical team doesn't really register us by our user ID but instead on our computer's individual ISPO. The only problem is if you had to delete your previous ID in order to register under your new ID. If you didn't delete your previous threads from your computer, then I recommend you check your computer's history log. I'm not a computer I can't really give you any additional assistance.

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I'm not comfortable sharing your new name with your old name. You changed it for a reason. Maybe you could pm me the information you are after and I could share that. As far as I can tell you only posted in one thread with your new name.
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There are lots of still active addicts among the current and Ex spouses. You could easily be one of them trying to see what she posted. PM a mod and go from there.
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LucyA (01-12-2011)
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Thanks everyone!
After I posted I realized that it may look like like I'm someone after info, ya know?
My appologies, I will contact someone else!
Or rack my brain trying to remember, LOL!

Thanks for the replies!
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