Angry at this family legacy

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Angry Angry at this family legacy

At least three generations of drunks. I can't believe that we witness alcoholism growing up and yet, somehow, fall into the same trap. Being new to this site, I have tried to follow the posts of members who have been doing recovery for a while and it seems that over and over again, the people here are not the first in their family to have this problem. I know that there are genetic factors, but at this point I won't even be around people who drink. I know I make the neighbors uncomfortable, because I don't attend any of their parties, but all they do is drink. Why can't we just have fun playing board games or going for a hike instead of sitting around talking and getting bombed? Prohibition was created because even back then our nation understood the negative impact of alcohol. Our families and our country, many generations back, have known of the problem of alcohol and still we embrace and promote it. Can't ever seem to get away from it.
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(((Hugs to you)))

I know the feelings you are describing all too well.

I am the adult child of an alcoholic, who was the adult child of an alcoholic, I am an alcoholic, married to the adult child of an alcoholic, who is a heavy drinker. I could go on and on, but, I am sure you get the picture.

I am sober today by the Grace of God and the program of AA. I am able to live, enjoy, survive and thrive today because of Al-Anon, and learning about co-dependency.

Yes, there are places I avoid because of alcohol. But, I have found ways to even be around alcohol and still have fun.

I had to do some work, take the actions, follow the program.

Alcoholism is a family disease, it holds everyone hostage. There is hope, and cycles can be broken.

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Anewaugust has described my life. I am working to break the cycle with very frank discussions with my children. We have an alcohol free home. We have fun without alcohol.

I agree our culture is completely missing the mark regarding alcohol and how it ruins lives. Not just the obvious destruction, but the erosion of the quality of lives by focusing on alcohol.

That being said, the longer I go without drinking (8 years now), the more I find that a lot of people don't abuse alcohol. The only place I avoid is a liquor store. I will go to bars and parties, although I find them tedious after a while. However, seeing drunk people reminds me of why I don't drink.

The liquor industry has an amazing hold on this country.
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I agree. Alcohol is so ingrained in our culture and such a huge part of our economy and infrastructure. Sad part is, most of us don't notice or realize just how HUGE it is. We see the effects of it in our homes and families and are left to deal with those things but it is even much bigger. I remember being in early Recovery and noticing it for the first time too. Glad you are seeing it too. Awareness is key.
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i like this thread...brought back a question i was thinking about on NYE....i am the first girl cousin out of 22....I am #3 to be born on the brother i think is perhaps 15?....we are all effected by this disease of the PARENTS...traits...drinkers...does not matter we are all effected by it...of all of us and then our parents....

and ME are the only ones going to AL ANON

....go figure...and we have 1 in recovery...his wife or his 3 kids have not been to a AL ANON meeting....

aaah well, i see it now...i am getting better..and understand while growing up, I always wanted to stay away from the CRAP in the family....i get it now....and how...
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I know exactly how you feel. I can remember as a kid wanting every bar and liquor store to dissappear so my momma would stop getting drunk and/or spending every evening at the bar. still today she has her beer goggles on and swears she was always home and did her best. I don't even argue anymore its a waste of my precious breath.
What I can tell you is just hold your head up proud in the fact that you broke your own cycle.
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breaking the cycle YES....

I too am in alanon to help break that cycle....3 generations of it! hope i can save my kids!
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