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Just Curious

Is every single man on the planet a DRUNK!?

It sure seems that way.

My AH was doing really well. But of course, he's off the wagon, again. No real surprises there. Its a bummer, he was doing really well, we were having fun, he seemed happier and definitely looked a whole lot healthier.

One thing I found interesting, when he was behaving, we went to lunch with really good friends. AH was drinking light and being great company, the other male at lunch was astounded when he realized that AH was drinking light, he was almost angry. The whole moment was quiet awkward. I have believed for some time that my AH has been used as a scapegoat on many occasions for others' bad behavior. That reaction re-enforced my thinking. I was so disappointed with our friends' attitude.

We were at a party recently, when the same male friend was drinking and he was generally starting to get aggressive, his wife has complained to me in the past that he gets this way, but I never really noticed before.

Everybody knows my AH is a raving A, but there are a lot of A's hiding under rocks out there, they just use others to make themselves feel or appear better.

Anyone else had this experience?
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I live in a boating community where 90% ov the the 350 houses here probably have a heavy drinker in them. When AH tried to quit before it really did not go over well with the other drinkers here- made them uncomfortable. Lots of Closet A's here and lots of Out of the closets. They all like having me around as I can drive the boats home after they are all hammered! Great - I feel special!
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