Need to Vent

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Need to Vent

My STBExAH is a complete and utter moron. I texted him today to confirm some details for our divorce paperwork. Ie. city of birth, work address, home address etc. Tells me he quit his job.

Meanwhile we agreed that he'll be on my insurance until the end of the year. He has major thyroid problems (supposedly) and is supposed to have surgery to remove it. Then he tells me that the apartment he's staying in is illegal and his mail keeps getting sent back to the post office.

Um ok so you need to have major surgery, have no job, insurance that's about to run out in a month and your living in an illegal apartment. What a winner...

Worst part is that I have a feeling it's going to be harder than I think to get this divorce done with.
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Vent away Girl In Brooklyn.

Yes, he's a moron. Yes this will be harder than you expect, as long as you expect him to behave in a way that is contradictory to alcoholics.

But you can do this. Just stay focused on yourself and keep clear boundaries. It'll be over and you'll be free and looking back and thanking the Heavens you got out alive.
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Why not just put in the information you have, file then serve. The divorce will only be a problem if you don't have him served personally and can't find him, in which case you have to divorce by publication, much more complicated and costly. I would make this a priority if you are worried he will leave his illegal apartment, if it is, in fact, illegal. Process service is about $75 here (my friend did it) and you get three tries for that.

My friend's soon to be ex alcoholic husband had no apartment after she left, job or health insurance. Not her problem. Not yours either.
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