what next.....I need to vent...thanks

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what next.....I need to vent...thanks

Well where do I start.....I was fired from my p/t serving job and was told the reason was they were doing a face lift. They fired the 3 oldest and replaced us with 6 young,young girls. So a HUGE amount of income lost. I am still in the home with my sons (23 and 20) and ex has been paying half of the mortgage thus far. I can't close our joint acc't as it is attached to the mortgage and line of credit. To make a long story shorter...the exah has been on a spending spree and has put our acc't 10,000 dollars overdrawn. I have still stuck with no contact as there isn't much I can do about it till house is sold. But now he has changed bank accounts and so his pay is no longer direct deposit and he did not make the last payment. I am angry but still I won't give him the satisfaction of contacting him. So I guess I will have to see a lawyer immediately. Now getting back to my "firing" I have found out from a manager from another establishment that employer called her the same day the bunch of us were terminated and told her that she had, "cleaned house due to theft." I live in a pretty small town and word gets around. NOW along with my human rights complaint I will have to see a lawyer about filing a slander suit. I am trying to not to feel sorry for myself but what gives??? The exah is pretty angry for someone who has moved on and my old boss is just plain nasty.
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oh dear. that's a bad situation.

best to consult a lawyer quickly, westbank.

if it was me, i wouldn't put my limited energy into pursuing the human rights/slander suit. that will use up more of your resources. i'd let that one go, however unjust, and put my energies towards getting a new p/t job and dealing with the house/mortgage situation.

realistically, there is only so much you can do and you'll have to choose your battles wisely or exhaust yourself trying to do it all.

jmho. feel for you.
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I'm so sorry about the job loss. Hope that you are able to land something better, soon.

I agree with Naive, get to a lawyer ASAP!

I took copies of my AXH's charges to my lawyer. I wanted to be sure that I was not held responsible for his charges.
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westbank (11-03-2010)
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Where I live in Quebec Canada, you cannot get fired and replaced. It's not legal
Do you not have a workers board you can file a complaint?
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I live in B.C and have sent information to our Human Rights Tribunal. Still waiting to see if they are taking my case on.
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I'm so sorry that you are dealing with all of this stress. Breathe deep. I have faith that you'll handle these issues with confidence and grace.

gentle hugs
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