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fear is the emotion that stifles and controls us

I stayed for so long because I was afraid I couldn't to raise and support my kids on my own. And the GUILT - OMG the GUILT it was torture.

When I had enough and said to myself (not him, it was not for him to give him one last chance, it was only for me) I WOULD NOT take anymore, his next relapse was my last!!

$500 in the bank which he took most of - the ATM was always his first stop.

But I did it d**n it. I went into survival mode.

It was awesome - the strength and freedom was like nothing I had ever felt before ever.

I thought it was love, I would tell anyone who would listen it was love but it was FEAR that was controlling me - making me stay. AND HE KNEW! AND HE USED IT! in very clever ways.

Search your soul Cali

keep posting
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