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Oh, so many:
"I drink because it's my heritage (Irish) and you could never understand."
After doing shots at a bar with my 19-year-old daughter andwith my 20-year-old daughter's counselor, "You parent your way, I'll parent mine." (He and 19-year-old daughter both drove home drunk.)
Or "I drink because I don't want to come home to you."
Or the classic explanation for why he is divorcing me after 28 years, "I'm unhappy. I'm empty inside. You have abandoned me, God has abandoned me, but if I can get away from you, after a period of self-loathing, I will be happy." Exact quote. Even our marriage counselor told him that was nuts.
How about, "I'm a great guy. Just ask anyone." (except his children, his law partners who fired him, his former friends he doesn't speak with anymore because they are men of character).
Or "I know when I'm drinking to self-medicate and when I'm drinking to have fun."
"Just blowing off a little steam and got outside the lines a little."
When telling the kids he is divorcing me for the above reasons, "This won't affect you."
"I don't have an alcohol problem. I do those quizzes on line all the time and I come out just fine."

Thanks to the people on the Alcoholic Forum for confiming this as typical denial and quacking.

Divorcing me is the nicest thing he has ever done for me. We're almost done with the paperwork and, although crushed at the beginning of this, I can't wait to be free of the drinking and the blaming.

Woo Hoo!
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Ah and I were separated at the time when my 10 year old daughter discovers he is having an affair with a women 24 years younger than him. I find proof it was a physical affair and when I confronted him he said,

" Having sex with someone one time is not a sexual relationship."

Also after the divorce the same kid was having a very hard time adjusting and was experiencing severe rages and tantrums due to AH crazy-making, rejecting behavior. I had her in therapy by herself, She and I were in family therapy, and I was in IC. All three counselors recommended he join her in therapy. He refused and said,

"Those counselors are a bunch of crack pots. They (all 3 of them) don't know what they are talking about. Besides, divorce doesn't hurt kids. I turned out just fine."
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