Taking the High Road

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Taking the High Road

I had my first work related trade show in which my XABF and I both were in attendance, but luckily our work booths were on opposite ends of the convention center. It was really weird. He didn't show up until later in the day, but one of his drinking buddies that he works with made sure that he hung out at my booth talking to some of my co-workers while glaring at me and talking up my ex and his company. I never acknowledged any of it....just kept on working. It was funny, after my XABF's drinking buddy left one of my co-workers looked at me and said...why on earth was that man over here? And then one of my other co-workers chimed in and said that that was all for her (my) viewing/hearing pleasure, and then he said I'm so glad you didn't react to any of what that guy was saying or how he was acting. So by lunchtime my XABF shows up and makes his rounds while avoiding my area (many thanks to my higher power for keeping him away from me). Then after about an hour, I see him and his drinking buddy heading to the bar (it was an open bar area straight in front of my booth area), where they proceeded to drink for the next 2 hours. Seeing my XABF sit there out in the open area of the bar and drink vodka for a couple of hours and then get up and go get in his vehicle and leave......brought 3 things to mind....#1) Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes. #2) I should have called his car tags into the police, b/c he was drinking and driving. I still feel bad for not doing that. No revenge involved in it. Just know the he drinks and drives all of the time and he could end up causing an accident and innocent people might get hurt. I made a pact to myself last night that in the future when I see anyone do that, I will follow thru with calling their tags in to the police. #3)Taking the high road and acting like someone doesn't exist...actually works in my favor a lot of times!

Just had to share my crazy, but completely taking the high road day.

Hope all is well with everyone! Take Care:ghug
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Congratulations for not reacting poorly. Sounds like you are a lady with self respect. I hope I have your strength and dignity when my time comes.
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Good job, CNMC2C. What a lousy thing to have to go through -- but you did it with your head held high. Now treat yourself extra-nice today as a reward for your excellent high-road-taking LOL
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