update on dilemma of Lucy, the dog

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update on dilemma of Lucy, the dog

Some might remember my earlier posts about my concern for AS dog and how much, or if, i should intervene..

well, AS has been evicted from apartment and asked me to take Lucy (which i had told him earlier I would). So Lucy is here. She's a very nice, very docile dog. I've never had a dog, so i don't know this breed (beagle) much less how much she can be trained. I do know that she's got to be on a leash all the time she's outside otherwise she would just sniff her way into the next county before she looked up. I don't have a fenced-in backyard.

I told my son from the beginning that I would keep her and would try to find another home for her to go to. I'm going to remind him of that and keep my eyes and ears out for another home. She really needs a fenced-in back yard.

Anyway, good news for Lucy!!! And this was a real opportunity for me to Let Go Let God and let everything be in His timing.
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Here's the place to contact:
Beagle Michigan Rescue

They are familiar with beagles, know a beagle's needs, and will find her a home.

Hope that helps.................................

Love and hugs,
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That's wonderful news for Lucy! If you've never had a dog before you don't know what you've been missing. Maybe you could wait a few weeks and see what dog ownership is like. You may be about to rehome the best friend you've ever had.

Sometimes gifts come our way and we don't see them as gifts initially. I can think of no greater gift than the gift of unconditional love and a warm puppy curled up at my feet.

As I type, my German Shepherd, Mary is lying at my feet, which she'll do for hours as long as I'm on the computer. There's something so comforting and peaceful having a devoted companion always at your side.

Why not give her a chance?
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