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I am acoa too just so you know....

When someone talks about amazing sex I kinda cringe every time. The reason is because amazing anything can still put our life out off balance especially sex.

To me it sounds like this man is involved with someone else.

For the past several days I have been thinking on the "good in bed" thing as it has come up in several conversations.

These are some thoughts that came up for me on the subject:

Someone can be "good in bed" and good at or for nothing else. good looks oh well so what??? Is sex supposed to be like an athletic event? Why is breathing so over looked I need it and it is far more necessary than being good in bed? I could care less if someone thinks I am good in bed. I run from men who get too pushy to have sex and also the instant attraction thing. The more I study instant attraction the more I see my issues. The more I love myself the less instant attractions I have. If I understand and heed to that because of me being acoa instant attraction of any kind and not just sex; will always be about my issues and a BIG RED FLAG

I will be able to step away and take good care of myself and if I give myself a chance to see the real truth of the instant attraction will become very clear to me in a very short time. If someone has anything that I think I need and I can't get anywhere else then I know I am not taking care of myself and I am also not depending enough on the source of my exsistance which is most certainly not not to be found in me compromising myself in any way to another human being especially one using seduction, alcohol, drugs, or any other instant pleasure darkness to suck me in.

Of course some times compromise is necessary in a real relationship but, not one I am just inventing in my head.
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the girl can't help it
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Originally Posted by acoagirl
WHY I wasnt the one he went into the other room to talk to..why wasnt I the one he made the weekend plans with???
Cause he is acts more deeply (probably been involved longer) with the other person.I imagine he is distant with her too because after all he has to hide you from her...and most likely she is getting a couple of messages from her gut about his fidelity

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