So, I finally get up the nerve to go to an AlAnon meeting

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So, I finally get up the nerve to go to an AlAnon meeting

make arrangements for the kids, set aside the gas money to get there, and all that....

And no one showed up!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont get it, our church is this huge, ultra modern church and every Friday they have a worship gathering with personal stories shared and 12 step teachings and all that. Then afterward everyone breaks up into all of the different groups - they have all sorts, codependency being just one example.

And no one showed up.
I was so bummed out. I couldnt get there in time for the worship session, so planned to just go to the small group codependency meeting and darn it if I missed out on that too, there was no cancelled note or anything. Lots of other meetings going on around me, but not the one I needed!

Thats my life - if it can go wrong it will. My first name should be Murphy.
I will go again next week, but sheesh, what a bummer.
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get an Alanon directory that is current and see if the mtg. you went to is still current.
Over the yrs. I have seen several mtg. disband or change locations.
You can usually find listings online for your area.
Most mtgs. have a newcomer's packet with a directory for your area.

Since NO one showed, chances are even if it is still listed it is not an active well attended group, so in any event another time/day/location is prob. in order.
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Oh what a shame...HOWEVER you organised to get there this time so a Spiritual Seeker says Don't give up!

I detect humour in your post about your first name should be Murphy!

Put it down to experience and have a look at the directory....wishing you well Phiz
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Over here in my part of the world the meeting directories have a phone number for a contact person. I call that contact person _first_ to see if the meeting is still on for that night. You can call the al-anon office in your area and see if they have contact numbers for a meeting that you are interested in.

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I agree, it sounds like this meeting isn't even being held anymore.

Look for phone numbers on the meeting schedule. If you don't have one, I'm sure you can call the main AA number in your area, here in Dayton it's under Alcoholism in the yellow pages and refered to as Central Office.

Your thread reminded me of a few winters ago. I wanted to try different meetings (AA) and had one picked out in which I'd heard great things about this particular location.Since I don't drive, I took two buses in the January freeze, trudged through the snow and the same thing happened to me. I stood outside freezing, doing the pee pee dance and finally realized that it was time to get back on a bus and head home.

I ended up slipping on the snow, going face first into a huge drift where the yucky, black snow had been plowed and piled up to resemble a mountain. As I was trying to pull myself up, my anger and frustration immediately went into laughter. There I was, trying to get up but kept slipping again. I don't know if it was the snow that had me to keep falling or laughing so hard, but the next thing I knew, I just plopped down in it, full bladder and all and yelled,"Ok, Big Guy, I guess this is what they call willing to go to any length!"

When I was slowly making my way to the bus, it hurt to hard to walk with a very full bladder, a woman pulled up and asked me if I knew where the meeting was at. I started laughing so hard that I actually thought I was going to pee my pants right there. When I told her what happened, she asked if I wanted to go have a cup of coffee, which at that time, I didn't care if she was a mass murderer, just as long as a bathroom would soon be available.

We talked at the restaurant for a couple of hours and come to find out, she was new to the area and didn't know a soul. She lived not too far from me so we became traveling meeting explorers together. We spent the better part of a year going to meetings together until her Hubby was transfered to another military base.

Just remember, next time you get all your ducks in a row to go to a meeting, call ahead and make sure you pee before you leave.:rof
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Oh man.......that's disappointing!

Keep trying. And keep coming here too! I can't always make it to Alanon meetings but I find SR just as helpful.

gentle hugs
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